Lauryn Hill’s Daughter Selah Marley Gives Rare Glimpse Into Singer’s Life, Claims She Was ‘Angry’ a Lot and Caused Childhood Trauma

by Jeremy Spirogis
Lauryn Hill and Selah Marley

Selah Marley, the daughter of Grammy-winning rap icon Lauryn Hill and former soccer participant Rohan Marley, is making headlines resulting from a viral video through which she made stunning revelations about her life rising up.

During the two-hour dialog, Marley admitted to having childhood trauma stemming from her father not being round as a lot as she wanted him to be and a few of her mom’s parenting behaviors. She described Hill as “very angry” and “not easy to talk to” in her earlier years but additionally identified that she “changed” in a while and is now not like that.

Lauryn Hill and Selah Marley
Lauryn Hill and her daughter Selah Marley at a celebration in May 2015 | Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Selah Marley made stunning claims on Instagram Live

The Aug. 10 dialog started with Marley discussing her personal failed romance. As she spoke, she mirrored on her upbringing and the consequences it has had on her life. Marley talked about that there was allegedly loads of “screaming and fighting” between her dad and mom — behaviors she mentioned she wound up adopting to deal with sure conditions — and bodily abuse by her dad and mom.

“When I was younger, my mother, just like her parents, she would spank us,” Marley revealed, referencing Hill and Rohan’s different 4 kids. “[Hill] was just very angry. She was so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so angry. She was literally unapproachable. Not easy to talk to. And half the time I didn’t live with her, I was living with my grandparents half the time. She was very angry.”

Selah Marley went extra in-depth about her childhood trauma

Marley went on to element how Hill would allegedly self-discipline her and her siblings. “‘Go get the belt.’ That’s how you know you’re in trouble… You go walk to your doom — it’s like walking to your death. And my mother is an amazing woman, but, um, she obviously didn’t do everything right,” Marley continued.

Reenacting the beatings, Marley mentioned, “That actually just traumatized me. Hearing that sound… Yo, that sound, bro … That was some slave sh*t that they were on, all Black parents on that sh*t. They were on that sh*t. That was some slave owner sh*t. And they didn’t understand.”

Marley took up for her mother in that “She was also going through her own sh*t. She had five kids with a man that—they didn’t really get to know each other, so they were always arguing, always fighting. So I didn’t really see much peace at all.”

But later, “[Hill] changed,” in keeping with Marley. “She’s not like that anymore. I’m actually very proud of her. I’m very, very proud of her.”

As far as her dad, Marley claimed he additionally disciplined them, identical to his dad and mom allegedly did to him. She additionally talked about how largely absent he allegedly was and the way it gave her daddy points. “Honestly guys, I’m just hurting. I can’t even front that I’m not,” she continued. “I’ve been hurting for so much of my life and so much of my life has been me avoiding how much I’m really hurting just from the circumstances.”

Selah Marley’s video about her dad and mom went viral

As the video took over the media, Marley clarified that her video was not meant to be adverse and that she was talking from a “place of healing” whereas criticizing the media for skewing the narrative.

“I spoke on that subject for two hours…. It’s complex. It’s a very complex topic, and really what I was discussing was how a lack of unity in the household can create severe trauma that you’re not even aware of,” Marley mentioned in a video shared to her Instagram.

“And now, I had to go back and see where these different things impacted my life and how they impacted my life. At the end of the day, I never said my father was a f***ing deadbeat completely. I just said that he wasn’t as present as I needed him to be…. Don’t go bashing my f***ing father and my family.”

“Don’t take it and vilify my mother. Don’t take it and vilify my father,” she added. “I have a lot of empathy for my parents.”

Hill has not acknowledged the movies. But Rohan shared a photograph of him and his daughter together with the caption, “I love you.” Marley posted a screenshot of the picture to her Instagram Story.

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