Leonardo DiCaprio Was Very Impressed By the Work Ethic of Australian Actors Involved With ‘The Great Gatsby’ — ‘We Should Be Ashamed’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has labored with among the greatest actors on this planet, from Robert De Niro to Daniel Day-Lewis. However, regardless of having shared the display with a number of Hollywood heavyweights, he most impressed by the expertise of lesser-known actors in Australia.

According to DiCaprio, Australia’s remoted movie business offers Australian actors a starvation to succeed that’s fairly uncommon. 

Leonardo DiCaprio was hesitant to ‘take on The Great Gatsby’

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire at premiere of The Great Gatsby | Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic

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DiCaprio is understood for being selective together with his roles. He’s cautious about attaching his title to initiatives and was hesitant to signal on for The Great Gatsby, imagine it or not. However, his hesitancy was for a very good cause. 

“It was utterly the, you recognize, taking up Great Gatsby,” DiCaprio stated. “Jesus Christ. I mean, it’s an incredible undertaking, but it was like a theater group …” 

The manufacturing crew closely relied on ‘Trimalchio,’ an earlier model of ‘The Great Gatsby’

Adapting a characteristic movie from a e-book isn’t a straightforward job. DiCaprio and the manufacturing crew relied closely on The Great Gatsby e-book for the movie’s materials, however they didn’t use the model most individuals consider. 

Instead, they took inspiration from Trimalchio, an earlier version of The Great Gatsby

“For me, it was about going again to Trimalchio to search out Fitgerald’s authentic intent and motivation with Gatsby,” DiCaprio stated. “What he meant with sure traces … What he was saying to Daisy when he would typically sound obscure in The Great Gatsby, Trimalchio was much more overt and much more spelled out …”

Leonardo DiCaprio was impressed by the work ethic of Australian Actors 

DiCaprio has labored with among the greatest actors on this planet, from Robert De Niro to Daniel Day-Lewis. 

“What I was blown away by, by doing that movie—and this is the truth—was the level of commitment of the actors in Australia,” DiCaprio stated. “I mean, we should be ashamed.”

According to DiCaprio the work ethic of Australian actors is what makes them so nice. Their distance from Hollywood offers them a drive to enhance in contrast to most of the actors present in America. 

“These people out there, they’re isolated on this continent and they know about Hollywood, but they all work four times as hard,” DiCaprio stated. “It’s amazing how hungry they are to be a part of the industry, and they’re just constantly focused on—everyone around us every single day was just in there. Into the novel, reading everything, working their ass off. I was so impressed … I can’t say enough about them, really.”

Leonardo DiCaprio says isolation performs a job in Australian actors’ work ethic

DiCaprio walked again his remarks that American actors must be ashamed compared to Australian actors in the identical interview. However, he did emphasize how the isolation of Australian actors probably performs a job of their working habits. 

“Not that we should all be ashamed, but it was inspiring to see a place that was sort of isolated on the other part of the world, that wants to be a part of the American movie industry,” DiCaprio clarified. “And the ferocity that they had, to sort of stand out.”

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