‘Love Is Blind’: Why Diamond Jack Doesn’t Buy Carlton Morton’s Apology–’a Whole Other Person Came Out’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Diamond Jack

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton acquired engaged and broke up on the primary season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. Fans watched Carlton apologize to Diamond on the reunion, however the two don’t be in contact today (as a result of the previous NBA dancer blocked him).

Diamond Jack | Paras Griffin/Getty Images
Diamond Jack | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Diamond Jack doesn’t assume Carlton Morton’s apology was honest

In an interview with the Love In Sight podcast, Diamond mentioned she doesn’t assume Carlton’s apology to her on the reunion was real.

“There was guys I did make a connection with and he didn’t allow that to happen. Like, you know how guys get. He felt like he had to tell people, ‘This is my girl’ and ‘Don’t talk to me,’ and blah, blah, blah. That’s what I’m saying, like, for him to say certain things makes me wonder: Is your apology really genuine? Now, I don’t think it was,” she mentioned, reflecting on Carlton’s conduct within the pods.

Love Is Blind followers will do not forget that Carlton gave Diamond her ring again on the reunion as a token of their friendship. Diamond doesn’t nonetheless have the ring. She says, after the reunion, Carlton grew to become “a whole other person” and began writing adverse issues about her on-line.  

“I do not have his ring and no I do not still wear it. After the reunion, it’s hard to talk about it, but I felt like he was really genuine, that’s why I accepted, but then afterward a whole other person came out and back to how he was treating me in Mexico and I start seein’ it. It was reported, it’s documented all on his Instagram,” she mentioned. “Although he erased it, I don’t forget it. To the point where I had to just block him. I wish him the best of luck. For him to say the certain things that he said, really just shows me that wasn’t a sincere or genuine apology. But I wish him the best of luck.”

Diamond Jack is glad she went on ‘Love Is Blind’

Despite how issues ended up between her and Carlton, Diamond says she’s joyful she went on Love Is Blind, however she wasn’t all the time.  

“I am happy I did the show. If you would have asked me at another point in time, right after Mexico, I would have said no. But now that the show has aired and I’m able to watch it and see and everything, I’m starting to see like, ‘OK Diamond, this is an experiment. God clearly wanted you to do this and God wanted to set an example out for you.’ And I’m glad God picked me to do that,” she mentioned.

Diamond says she’s excited for the longer term. She’s at present going again to highschool to get her doctorate and conserving busy with motivational talking gigs.  

“Now I’m starting to embrace women empowerment,” she mentioned. “I’m gonna come out with other things and bigger things to help encourage women. I’ve been doing a lot of bookings for motivational speaking, which is great. So I’m looking forward to the future.”

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