Mace Windu Actually Had a Significant Role in The Republic’s Downfall, Based On ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Mace Windu is Episode 4 of Season 7,

Anakin Skywalker’s tragic story comes on the detriment of the entire Republic, all of the Jedi, and extra. Star Wars is constructed on hope, as Jynn Erso would possibly say, however there are numerous, many factors in canon the place hope simply isn’t within the playing cards for these characters. And with one thing like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you already understand it’s going to finish badly. But nonetheless, there have been a few moments the place — had characters chosen a unique route — Anakin Skywalker may have been saved from the Dark Side. An enormous one concerned Mace Windu and Ahsoka. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers forward for ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Season 7].

Mace Windu is Episode 4 of Season 7, 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'
Mace Windu is Episode four of Season 7, ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ | Disney+

Ahsoka’s trial actually introduced out the unhealthy aspect of the Jedi

To begin, it’s vital to recollect the connection between these two characters. Master Windu, within the movies, is a stern grasp who was very a lot the voice of purpose, if not a bit cynical. But within the present, you see extra of the character and the way a few of Mace Windu’s actions weren’t a lot stern as they have been judgemental (and wrongly so). 

During Ahsoka’s trial in Season 5, when she was framed for bombing the Jedi Temple, nobody on the Jedi Council stood up for her. Anakin was adamant that Ahsoka didn’t try this, and so was she. Plus, the one proof that they had was a video with no sound that appeared to point out her Force choking the one suspect that they had. Despite lack of additional proof and Ahsoka’s admirable observe document and devotion to the Jedi, they determined to ban her from the Order so she’d go on public trial as a citizen. 

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Obi-Wan and Plo Koon didn’t appear pleased with that consequence, though they didn’t come out and help her as Anakin did. And when it was throughout, and her identify cleared, Mace Windu was probably the most flippant concerning the strife Ahsoka needed to undergo, because of the Council.

Plo Koon apologized, and whereas masters Saesee Tiin and Ki-Adi-Mundi didn’t, they each talked about how her power actually obtained her by way of it. But Mace Windu took no culpability and as an alternative stated it was speculated to occur. It was her “great trial,” which she doesn’t take effectively. She decides to depart the Order quickly after. 

Windu’s dismissal of Ahsoka strengthened her mistrust within the Jedi, making Ahsoka miss Maul’s imaginative and prescient

So, fast-forward to Season 7, and Ahsoka has her final assembly with the Council after defeating Maul. Yoda thanks her, which she says she’s doing as a service to the Republic, as a citizen. Not but a Jedi, however coming again to the Order looks as if it’s one thing she is toying with, however she wants to talk with Anakin first. 

When Mace Windu informs her that Anakin is letting the Chancellor find out about Obi-Wan’s present battle with General Grievous, she says the battle could possibly be over quickly. Windu makes a cryptic comment about the way it depends upon Palpatine, and naturally, Ahsoka desires to know what he means. However, he condescendingly replies, “I’m sorry citizen, these matters are for the council to discuss.” Her little eye twitch and look of resignation says all of it. 

This second did two issues. It solidified to Ahsoka that she made the fitting choice to depart the Order. Nothing has modified, and the explanations behind her departure nonetheless stand. It additionally reminds her of her mistrust within the Council. 

These two reminders stopped Ahsoka from telling the Council about Maul’s imaginative and prescient of Anakin being groomed by Palpatine. Had she advised Yoda, it will have led them to have a tighter leash on Anakin, maybe. They additionally would have stopped Anakin’s contact with Palpatine. They knew Anakin spent a ton of time with the Chancellor; contemplating they have been so cautious with Anakin, to start with, Ahsoka’s data would have modified the result, if even barely. But she didn’t share the imaginative and prescient.

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Ahsoka was actually making an attempt to guard Anakin from the Council’s judgment

It wasn’t essentially about withholding data from the Jedi Council, for Ahsoka. Yes, she had her grievances with them, however she wouldn’t have performed that if she had data she deemed as game-changing. But this was extra a second of defending Anakin as a result of she so strongly believed she didn’t have vital data. 

Ahsoka was so adamant that Maul’s imaginative and prescient of Anakin’s flip to the Dark Side was flawed. So why would she inform the Jedi Council about it, if she additionally already knew they didn’t belief her former grasp. Having Mace Windu remind Ahsoka of every part flawed with the Order, and in addition that they lately gave Anakin a mission that he despised (spying on the Chancellor), Ahsoka doesn’t need to give them extra purpose to mistrust Anakin. And, once more, she thinks Maul’s imaginative and prescient is fake anyway. 

No one can deny what Ahsoka’s leaving did to Anakin. Not solely did he lose one in every of his closest bonds — which we all know he doesn’t deal with too effectively — however it additionally opened his eyes extra to the faults of the Jedi. This simply compounded with Palpatine’s manipulations afterward. And now we see how shut Ahsoka was to reaching him earlier than he turned. Could she have modified issues? Maybe. But we’ll by no means know.

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