Maha Shivaratri Special: Not solely the bilvapatra, Bhole Baba could be very comfortable too by providing these leaves !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
Maha Shivaratri Special: Not only the bilvapatra, Bhole Baba is very happy too by offering these leaves !!

The competition of Shivaratri is about to come back.

Shiva devotees attain the temples today and provide prayers, flowers, fruits, parts, dhatura and so forth. addresses to the holy Shivling of Bholenath and provide milk lassi and Gangajal and pray for peace and happiness sooner or later.

You can please Shivji not solely with bilva patra but additionally with these leaves.

It is taken into account very auspicious to supply aka leaves and flowers to Shiva in Shivpuran. Aka can be a favourite flower of Lord Shiva.

You can even provide hemp leaves as an alternative of bilva patra. Cannabis are additionally distributed as choices of Lord Shiva.

You can provide Dhootra to Shivji on a regular basis, Dhatura is particularly included in Shivji's favourite issues.

You can even worship Lord Shiva with peepal leaves, worshiping Shiva with peepal leaves is taken into account auspicious.

Every day, by worshiping Shivapura with the leaves of Apamarga, man attains enjoyment and salvation.

By providing Shami leaves to Lord Shiva, all issues in life finish.

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