March 12 Bombay Bomb Blast – I slap Sanjay, he confesses all – former DCP Rakesh Maria

by Jeremy Spirogis
March 12 Bombay Bomb Blast – I slap Sanjay, he confesses all – former DCP Rakesh Maria

Today is 12 March. In 1993, on a darkish day, Bombay was rocked by the blasts and one identify was startled in these blasts – Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to years in jail and eventually acquitted of the fear of being a terrorist. The officer who arrested him was DCP Rakesh Maria.

In his e book, Rakesh Maria mentions the day when he arrested Sanjay Dutt. This article has been printed by Scroll, which we’re translating for you. You can learn the total article right here.

After Sanjay Dutt's arrest, nobody believed that he was a terrorist. <! –

                 His father, Sunil Dutt, whereas speaking to Rakesh Maria, stated that each single piece of my blood has patriotism. My son can not do that.

In response, Rakesh Maria stated that it’s unhappy however your son has completed it. Why would the police simply impose such an enormous cost on anybody. Rakesh Maria summons Sanjay Dutt from jail and tells Sunil Dutt that why don't you ask your son himself?

Sanjay Dutt, on seeing Sunil Dutt, fell at his toes and stated – Forgive me, I made a mistake. And then he accepted every little thing he confessed in entrance of Rakesh Maria. Read what Sanjay accepted in entrance of Rakesh Maria –

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Sanjay Dutt returned from Mauritius

Sanjay Dutt was returning to India on 19 April 1993 after the Bombay bomb blasts. His flight was to reach at two o'clock. His household, his supporters and the media had been current on the airport. Rakesh Maria's technique was that the arrest be completed instantly and nobody ought to get an opportunity to do any drama.

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Arrested like this

Rakesh Maria, ready in plain garments on the aerobridge. Sanjay Dutt was touring in top quality and was the primary passenger to go away the aircraft. Rakesh Maria took them to the shore and stated, "I DCP Rakesh Maria. Give your boarding pass and passport."

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Sanjay Dutt was compelled

Sanjay Dutt was shocked and did as he was advised in compulsion. Rakesh Maria grabbed a boarding go and passport to his officer. Sanjay Dutt stepped down from the aerobridge. According to the plan, two autos had been parked. One Rakesh Maria's ambassador automobile and the opposite against the law jeep. Rakesh sat within the automobile, was a driver and behind, Sanjay Dutt, sat between two constables.

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Didn't say a phrase

Both autos began shifting, nobody stated a phrase to Sanjay. Rakesh Maria had given strict directions to everybody that nobody would say something. No matter how a lot Sanjay asks. Sanjay Dutt saved asking repeatedly the place he was being taken. He saved pleading that his father, household are all ready. You can't try this, let me meet him as soon as, let me meet my father, Sanjay saved saying however no person stated a phrase. Both constables saved sitting quietly, nobody even noticed Sanjay.

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Kept fully remoted

Sanjay was introduced from the airport to the Crime Branch immediately at Crawford Market. He was saved in a room which had a rest room. Rakesh Maria had mounted this room for Sanjay within the morning. A couple of chosen guards had been positioned within the room. No one was allowed to speak to him besides Rakesh Maria. No one might enter that room with out Rakesh Maria's orders. If Sanjay had been to go to the lavatory, orders got to open the door. Smoking cigarettes was additionally forbidden.

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Had to be held

Meanwhile Rakesh Maria The officer took Sanjay Dutt's baggage from the airport and handed over to his household who was ready for him exterior the airport. The subsequent day, Sanjay Dutt was to seem earlier than MN Singh at 9 thirty within the morning. Rakesh went to that room at eight o'clock. Nobody had talked to Sanjay in a single day.

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Sanjay was damaged

Sanjay was damaged and alone resulting from household help and never speaking to anybody. If he had been allowed to fulfill the household, he would have been a distinct man. Rakesh Maria requested Sanjay Dutt whether or not you’ll inform me the reality or ought to I inform your story?

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Imposed slap

Sir, I’ve completed nothing, Sanjay Dutt was sitting on a chair. He checked out Rakesh Maria and with ache in his unhappy eyes, Sir, I’ve completed nothing. Rakesh Maria was concerned on this case for the previous few days. He was not tolerated and Rakesh Maria slapped Sanjay Dutt with a loud slap. Sanjay leaned again from the chair, each his legs within the air. Rakesh Maria grabbed Sanjay Dutt's lengthy hair and stared into his eyes, saying, I’m asking you a query of civilization and you’ll reply me in the identical means.

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Everything accepted

Sir am i able to discuss to you alone Sanjay Dutt had turned white. Rakesh Maria despatched everybody out of the room and Sanjay Dutt accepted every little thing. Everyone's black weblog, from Hanif to Sameer and the remaining.

Arrest of sanjay dutt
What did the weapon do

So what weapons are in your home? Rakesh Maria requested Sanjay Dutt. Let's present me the place Sanjay Dutt, crying Rakesh fell at Maria's toes and advised that his pals had destroyed the weapons. Sanjay begs once more – Do not inform my father something.

Arrest of sanjay dutt
Must inform the reality

Rakesh Maria stated, "I cannot lie. I have to tell the truth. The time has come for you to accept your mistakes and pay them off. Grow up and accept them. Tell your father what you have done. " But Sanjay saved on praying that his father shouldn’t be advised all this.

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