‘Married at First Sight’: Many Fans Can’t Stand These Two Season 10 Grooms

by Jeremy Spirogis
Meka Jones

On Lifetime’s Married
at First Sight
, experts which arrange appropriate marriages for strangers
occasionally struck it of this playground. Plenty of MAFS couples end in happy marriages
with kids.

In other cases, followers question what precisely the specialists were
reasoning. On Married
at First Sight Season 10
, there
are two cast people that have numerous watchers scraping their particular minds: Brandon
, which married Taylor Dunklin, and Michael Watson, which married Meka

During the Jan. 29 event of Married at First Sight, “Trouble in Paradise,” many critics took to Twitter expressing confusion about the reason why both Brandon and Michael registered become hitched to a stranger to start with.

Meka Jones
Meka Jones | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

‘Married at First Sight’ viewers thought Brandon’s behavior ended up being unacceptable

Brandon and Taylor had a not-so-pleasant begin to their particular
honeymoon in Panama. On the next day’s their particular getaway, Taylor jokingly
recorded Brandon as he ended up being resting (and snoring). When Brandon woke as much as a
digital camera, he reported having had a panic and anxiety attack and invested your day providing their brand-new
partner the quiet therapy.

Although Taylor
and Brandon
made up because of the end for the event (at the least briefly),
watchers weren’t impressed along with his behavior.

“Bruh.. I can’t do Brandon.. he’s a whole Deceptikon!” one MAFS
viewer wrote on
. “Can certainly one of his boyfriends phone him completely currently! He lost me personally with
that diva quiet therapy… but I’m pleased for my woman to stay up for by herself
and need value!”

Other Married at First Sight fans thought Brandon’s
behavior ended up being downright rude and strange. “Okkkkk..If I happened to be Taylor and Brandon
woke up acting like this, I’d go back home,” one Twitter
user declared
. Another
, composing: “Brandon ended up being awful to Taylor. I would personally’ve gone for
annulment the second early morning. It would’ve already been one when it comes to record publications.”

Another critic believed Brandon had a need to run himself
before he could previously desire to maintain a healthier commitment. “Brandon may be the
aesthetic style of the expression ‘spoiled rotten,’” the fan wrote
on Twitter
. “He’ll be no good to any woman unless he changes.”

Still, a few followers believed Taylor ended up beingn’t sympathetic adequate about her new husband’s anxiety. One Twitter user argued, “I am not liking the fact that Taylor didn’t care about Brandon’s panic attack. She demands respect but she does not know how to give it back!”

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Some ‘MAFS’ followers believed Michael ended up being immature

Meanwhile, Michael
and Meka
had their very own vacation issues. They invested almost all of their particular first
times collectively resting in split rooms in hotels, as Meka reported that Michael
provided her an ultimatum.

The MAFS bride stated Michael informed her he’dn’t be
into her or perhaps in a position to carry on because of the relationship if she performedn’t have sex
with him during their honeymoon
. She has also been offended he ended
using their wedding band.

Many Married at First Sight visitors had been baffled by
Michael’s behavior, particularly the ultimatum while the differences when considering their
behavior if the digital cameras had been moving as soon as they weren’t.

“This Michael dude is pure unadulterated trash,” one Twitter
user wrote
. “F*ck boi on countless amounts. He already ended using their
a wedding ring and they’ve just been hitched 3 times.”

Another lover had written that Michael ended up beingn’t willing to be hitched at
all. “I’m so done with Michael,” the MAFS
viewer exclaimed
. “He features an awful mindset and I also don’t think him and
Meka are a great match. He doesn’t have to be hitched to anyone.”

However, not everyone else ended up being on Meka’s side. Some thought Meka
was “extra” and “domineering” and therefore she expected a lot of, too quickly.

“Do these women realize they’ve only been married for three days?” one MAFS fan argued. “Meka commenting on how Michael hasn’t worn his ring in a long time. Girl, you married him three days ago and didn’t see him at all for an entire day!”

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Both guys have apparently concluded their particular marriages since showing up on ‘Married at First Sight’

It looks like watchers weren’t wrong if they predicted the
end of Brandon’s and Michael’s marriages.

According to Soap Dirt, Michael
and Meka
submitted for an annulment
in the state of Maryland
on Jan. 21, 2020, because of the selection for minimal
separation in the event that grievance isn’t honored, too.

On Jan. 2, Brandon filed for an annulment
from Taylor
. The hasty annulments tend to be a Married at First Sight
very first, as generally viewers don’t uncover what took place involving the partners
until after a period ends up.

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