Marvel Fan Theory: ‘The Eternals’ Will Introduce These Familiar Heroes Into the MCU

by Jeremy Spirogis
Kevin Feige speaks onstage

Fox’s sequence of X-Men motion pictures went out with a whimper when Dark Phoenix failed to attach with audiences. Now, nonetheless, there’s a risk that they could seem sooner somewhat than later. Sort of. 

The second Marvel film of 2020,  after Black Widow, will probably be The Eternals‘ due in November, and in one sense, that’s like changing one workforce of heroes with one other  Not solely will this be a brand new workforce of heroes within the wake of Avengers: Endgame, they’re supernatural heroes who simply could have a connection to the X-Men. 

What do the Eternals must do with the X-Men?

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The X-Men are form of earth-bound cousins to the Eternals within the comedian books. The Eternals are super-powered immortals. Screen Rant factors out that the Eternals have been created by the Celestials, cosmic beings who started experimenting with human DNA. The film model of them was seen in Guardians of the Galaxy

Because each hero wants a villain, the Celestials additionally created the Deviants, structurally unstable beings who’re the sworn enemy of the Eternals. In the method of all this creation, the Celestials created the X-Gene, which gave rise to mutants. The huge distinction between the X-Men and the Eternals is that the Eternals, befitting their identify, can reside without end. Mutants, as we now have seen many occasions, can not. 

The former Fox properties linked to Marvel/Disney characters in methods the flicks couldn’t exploit. For occasion, within the comics, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will not be solely brother and sister, however Magneto was stated to be their father.

Disney may get Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch collectively (briefly) for Age of Ultron, however earlier than Disney purchased Fox, they might not introduce the Magneto connection. Now they might, since, for higher or worse, Disney owns the previous Fox characters, which opens up extra story potentialities. 

What we all know will occur with the X-Men

A Screen Rant story that separates the actual fact from the fan theories notes that Marvel President Kevin Feige and the Hollywood Reporter had this trade:

THR: “Is there any reason to believe [the X-Men] would not be integrated with the Avengers and these characters as well at some point?” 

Feigie: “No. No reason to believe that.” 

At the identical time, Feige has additionally stated it could take some time for the X-Men to point out up within the MCU. Perhaps he means will probably be some time earlier than we acquired an MCU film devoted to the X-Men. However, that doesn’t imply Feige received’t lay the groundwork for the mutants to look ultimately.

One of Marvel’s strengths as a studio is to take time to construct worlds in order that the payoff will probably be better later. It definitely labored for Avengers: Endgame. It most definitely properly with the X-Men too. That can be a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

What would possibly occur with the X-Men

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So how precisely may the Eternals match within the Disney X-Men puzzle? This has not been confirmed however a promising fan principle means that the X-Men have been Eternals that didn’t make the grade. 

It could also be that when trying to create the Eternals, the Celestials will experiment with human genes and create mutants as an unintended side-effect. In different phrases, the X-Men are failed Eternals, and their cross to bear is that they don’t get to reside without end. 

Then there may be The New Mutants. If that doesn’t sound acquainted, that is smart as a result of that was the X-Men offshoot that Fox was engaged on earlier than the Disney merger. It was envisioned as form of a Young Adult model of the X-Men that will solely be tangentially linked to the acquainted X-Men. 

That film was supposed to return out within the spring of 2018. Then, not solely have been there important reshoots, however New Mutants stored bouncing across the schedule as Dark Phoenix was having its personal issues.

The launch was delayed for therefore lengthy, followers started to suppose Disney would possibly shelve it or kick it Disney+. For now, at the least, New Mutants is because of come out in April of 2020. So whether or not the Eternals hook up with the X-Men or not, we’ll at the least get some type of X-men on screens earlier than too lengthy. 

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