Marvel Fans Are Infuriated About Kevin Feige’s Possible ‘Lie’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Kevin Feige on the red carpet

Usually with Marvel movies, we’ve been getting one huge success tale after another. Lately, nonetheless, the news headlines has actually had a tendency to slim toward the unfavorable part. Worse however, some followers believe the backslide is originating through the extremely top. 

Many fans cheered whenever Marvel launched it can add a trans personality in another of their particular future flicks. However, Disney strolled straight back that announcement, stating that personality wouldn’t normally appear for a time.

Now many people tend to be frustrated and accusing Kevin Feige of perhaps not informing the facts.

Kevin Feige on the red carpet
Kevin Feige | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for HFA

Will Marvel or won’t Marvel include a trans personality?

This all began whenever Marvel president Kevin Feige talked in the New York Film Academy and, per IndieWire, ended up being expected if future Marvel movies would add any LGBT figures quickly. Feige answered “Feige responded, “Yes — absolutely, yes. And very soon. In a movie that we’re shooting right now.” That appeared to show The Eternals, which can be due call at November. 

However, it turned on Feige’s answer ended up being misinterpreted. He evidently ended up being referring and then the homosexual and lesbian component, perhaps not the trans component. Some followers are not amused whenever speaking about the problem on Reddit. One accused the organization of kowtowing to international areas, which often censor LGBT moments: 

“People will eventually get tired of Marvel’s queerbaiting. I’m LGBT too but I have no hopes of any of this happening because 1.) Disney money 2.) China money 3.) Marvel fanboys money.”

Other fans noticed that Eternals will at least have a gay personality. At the same time frame, followers have actually great reason enough to be skeptical because Disney was skittish with representation dilemmas in most its significant properties: unique flicks, Marvel and Star Wars.

Disney’s questionable LGBT track record

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Disney made headlines in 2017 if they disclosed that the live-action type of Beauty additionally the Beast would add a homosexual personality: LeFou, played by Josh Gad. However, followers had been let down within the last scene, which showcased just an instant chance of LeFou dance with another guy. This ended up being considered much ado about very little.

 Disney performed some thing comparable with The Rise of Skywalker, with a few outlets stating an “historic first gay kis,” but which was another blink-and-you miss-it moment, using the kiss taking place regarding the margins of a scene between small figures. Disney ended up being accused of paying “lip service” towards the issue. 

Some fans said that Captain Marvel strongly hints at a lesbian commitment between your subject personality and Maria Rambeau, but tips can be far as it got. Tessa Thompson got cheers at Comic-Con last 12 months whenever she stated Valkyrie needed “her queen,” but a scene referencing this have been slashed from Thor: Ragnarok. 

Disney and Marvel took a couple of hits recently

This “lie” about a trans personality comes amid a revolution of unfavorable headlines about Disney flicks and programs. The “Release the JJ Cut” tale was a blight on The Rise of Skywalker. The showrunner of this Lizzie McGuire reboot with Hilary Duff split from that task.

Marvel additionally launched so it required a fresh manager for Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness, with Scott Derrickson departing amid “creative differences.” 

This also shall pass. Perhaps it is a program modification when confronted with Disney’s record-shattering success, using the studio having seven associated with top 10 hits of 2019, in accordance with those flicks grossing $10 billion, an success this is certainly unprecedented.

Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben notoriously claimed that “with great power comes great responsibility” — and lots of within the LGBT community would believe Disney perhaps not living as much as the latter part. 

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