MCU Fan Theory: The New Version of Professor X Won’t Be Anything Like We’ve Seen Before

by Jeremy Spirogis
Patrick Stewart visits the SiriusXM Hollywood Studio

In each Patrick Stewart’s and James McAvoy’s variations of X-Men chief Charles Xavier, the professor was an authoritative determine who had his shortcomings. Intelligent as he was, he might generally be a little bit too satisfied of his personal knowledge, and make misguided selections. 

Now, a Marvel principle means that when Professor X does make his eventual look within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he might be extra “blatantly” flawed in making an attempt to cowl up his misdeeds. One might additionally argue this already occurred in a film lots of people didn’t see: Dark Phoenix.

Patrick Stewart vs. James McAvoy: How had been they totally different?

Patrick Stewart visits the SiriusXM Hollywood Studio
Patrick Stewart visits the SiriusXM Hollywood Studio | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Patrick Stewart performed the professor within the X-Men motion pictures of the 2000s and once more in X-Men: Days of Future Past when the previous and the brand new timelines crossed. His model of Charles was the wizened previous chief, anyone who’s been across the block many instances and who gained plenty of expertise. He had his failings, resulting in his eventual frail look in Logan, which closed the door on the previous X-Men timeline. 

James McAvoy’s Charles, seen in X-Men First Class, X-Men Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, was equally intellectually good, however he was extra given to exposing Charles flaws. He may very well be a skirt-chaser in his earlier days, and his vainness led him to consider his telepathic talents had been much less essential than his capacity to stroll.

It’s attainable to learn this because the Charles that ultimately turned Patrick Stewart and Stewart was good at hiding his previous weaknesses. 

Those weaknesses got here to the fore in Dark Phoenix, which revealed that he tampered with Jean Grey’s thoughts, placing up psychological limitations in an effort to guard her from trauma, however this backfires badly when Jean turns into the Dark Phoenix and might’t management her enhanced powers. Charles has to reckon along with his well-meaning however wrongheaded actions to a level he had not completed earlier than. 

What would the MCU Professor X be like?

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Among the various fan theories kicking round Reddit is that the MCU’s professor might be a extra susceptible, smug kind.

The fan who advised it writes: “The MCU’s Professor X might be extra blatantly flawed from the beginning than both of the earlier variations. Like Michael Gambon’s portrayal of Dumbledore from the later Harry Potter movies, Xavier may have extra of a mood in addition to being extra manipulative and dishonest to his allies and college students.”

This fan additional advised that whereas this Xavier will finally imply properly, his dishonest strategies will deliver him into battle with different superheroes, together with The Avengers. Another fan requested if this might be extra flawed than the Charles of Days of Future Past, presumably referring to the McAvoy model. 

Another fan responded: “That was a good man going through a rough patch, not an inherently dishonest man fighting for a good cause.”

Xavier’s inherent dishonesty that came about in Dark Phoenix shouldn’t be talked about.  

Just when will the X-Men present up within the MCU?

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All that is contingent on the X-Men exhibiting up within the MCU within the first place, and nobody is aware of when that might be. If Kevin Feige is aware of, he isn’t telling, as ever, however he has mentioned beforehand that it could be fairly someday earlier than the previous Fox characters would seem. This is consistent with questions on reviving former Netflix exhibits like Daredevil, which Marvel is probably not in an enormous hurry to do. 

In different phrases, Feige and his staff appear to be most fascinated about making motion pictures and exhibits about characters that film audiences haven’t seen, or that the MCU has already launched, reasonably than rebooting different producers’ prior makes an attempt. Given that Dark Phoenix bombed, making lower than $100 million within the US, there’s in all probability a basic feeling that neither Marvel nor many of the public is hungry for a brand new Charles, nevertheless flawed. 

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