Meru Trayodashi 2020: Meru Trayodashi time, value, exactly why is today unique in Jainism, resolution of 5 Meru

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Meru Trayodashi 2020 The time is extremely unique for Jainism. It is celebrated on a yearly basis when you look at the thirty days of Magha. This day is celebrated as an essential time due to Rishabhdev, the initial Tirthankara of Jainism.

Meru Trayodashi 2020 Date

According to Jain calendar, Meru Trayodishi is celebrated regarding the Krishna Paksha Trayodashi of Paush month. Meru Trayodishi is on Wednesday, 22 January. Lord Rishabhdev obtained nirvana about this time. It had been through him that Jainism got its 24 Tirthankaras.

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Meru Trayodashi Importance

The festival of Meru Trayodishi is celebrated when you look at the memory of Pingal Kumar. <! –

                 It is known that Pingal Kumar satisfied the quality of 5 Meru and chanted the mantra, Shrim Adinath Parangatya Namah with 20 Navkar Vali. Meru Trayodashi could be the Nirvana Kalyanaka of Lord Rishabhanath (Rishabhdev), which advances the significance of today.

Why special this very day

According to Jain scriptures, by observing quickly, austerity and chanting with this time, someone seems internal delight beyond real satisfaction. To attain salvation, it is crucial to satisfy the quality of 5 meru. With 20 Navakarwali, chanting for the mantra has got to be performed with a high Rahim, Shrim Adinath Parangatya.

What do you are doing about this day

On today, the devotees observe Nirjala fast. Five meru made of silver are positioned as you’re watching idol of Lord Rishabhanath or Rishabhdev. A big Meru is positioned in the centre and 4 small Meru around it.

Devotees make a level for the swastika as you’re watching four meru. After that worship Rishabhdev. Chanting this mantra:
Om Hrim Shrima Rishabhdev Paramagatya Namah:

This fast is established just after donating to a monastic, therefore this quickly is finished.

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