‘Million Dollar Listing’: Luis D. Ortiz Teases New Show

by Jeremy Spirogis
Fredrik Eklund, Luis D. Ortiz, and Ryan Serhant attend AOL Build Speaker Series

Luis D. Ortiz from Million Dollar Listing New York rode down into the Puerto Rican sunset in 2010 while he welcomed a child into their life. Ortiz kept the tv show after four periods, showing up regarding the tv show as a guest during period 6.

Fredrik Eklund, Luis D. Ortiz, and Ryan Serhant attend AOL Build Speaker Series
Fredrik Eklund, Luis D. Ortiz, and Ryan Serhant attend AOL Build Speaker Series |Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic

He came back for period 8 and dropped a significant bombshell — just like the various other agents regarding the tv show, he also would definitely come to be a daddy. But Ortiz came back regarding the pumps of heartbreak. He was candid about their battles with despair after he left the tv show. Ortiz also shared he believed making property and also the tv show would deliver him pleasure. He had been devastated as he finished up spiraling into darkness.

However, he has got a brand new rent on life and contains joyfully provided lots of video clips and photographs on Instagram of their family members. Toward the termination of period 8, he informed one other agents he planned to maneuver their family members to Puerto Rico and boost their girl, together with his daughter’s mother. Ortiz has already been spending some time in New York and merely hinted at some huge development.

A new tv show?

Ortiz shared on his Instagram tale he had been currently in New York City but had been making quickly to capture their brand-new tv show. “So we’ve gotta practice this because it’s been a while since I talked to you guys,” Ortiz stated while he stepped down a New York City road. “Look at this beard! Don’t worry I’m gonna shave it soon, but let’s see how long it goes.”

“Anyway it’s been a while since I’ve talked to you guys, or that’s not necessarily true, because everything you are seeing from me, my family, is everything I have to say,” Ortiz continues. “I love it. I’m in love with my family, I’m in love with everything at the moment. I’m very happy.”

He then drizzles only a little beverage. “Very blessed, feel very grateful too. Now I’m in the middle of the crazy cold in New York, and uh … leaving tomorrow. Starting to film my new show.” He laughs after which comes to an end their tale.

Ortiz spent some amount of time in New York

After announcing that he had been going their family members to Puerto Rico, most of Ortiz’s enviable Instagram photographs were of their girl Leela and household soothing and frolicking on a single of the numerous gorgeous shores. He celebrated his birthday celebration with a beach bonfire together with nearest and dearest. Plus he shared lots of photographs of their gorgeous child lounging in a hammock or playing into the sand together with her daddy.

Ortiz also shared an amazing image of Leela at five months old along side a photograph of himself at five months. The two might be twins while the similarity wasn’t lost on their Instagram followers. “5 month old Leela next to 5 month old papa ‍♂️,” he blogged. One fan commented, “Same happy face ” as other individuals only blogged, “Twins.”

The family then headed to Seattle, Washington, prone to spend holiday breaks with Leela’s mother’s family members. Before the newest 12 months, your family wound up in New York City. Ortiz provided a photograph of their resting girl. “There’s an angel on my bed ,” he blogged. The family members stayed within the town however now a brand new adventure awaits. What comes next? Stay tuned.

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