‘Million Dollar Listing’: What Dream Does Tyler Whitman Keep Having About Britney Spears?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Tyler Whitman, Steve Gold

Tyler Whitman from Million Dollar Listing New York has a recurring dream about Britney Spears each time he goes all-in with a weight reduction program.

Tyler Whitman, Steve Gold
Tyler Whitman and Steve Gold |Heidi Gutman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank by way of Getty Images

Whitman just lately created a particular well being and vitamin Facebook group known as The Human ROI. The group now has greater than 1,000 members and everyone seems to be following the Entire30 vitamin program all through the month of January. Whitman leads the group, providing ideas and insights alongside the best way. He additionally invitations movie star friends to go dwell with him to debate their struggles not solely with well being however with staying centered and aim attainment.

When Whitman chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, he shared a dream he has each time he embarks upon a brand new well being journey. He stated he has this dream not less than 10 occasions whereas he’s making an attempt to drop pounds and get wholesome. And the dream has the whole lot to do with pop icon Britney Spears … and Twinkies.

Spears and Twinkies all month lengthy

Whitman says bizarre desires are a recognized phenomenon within the Entire30 world. Around the third week of this system, individuals have extraordinarily vivid desires they’ve cheated on the eating regimen.

“You get up and like the primary 10 minutes, you’re satisfied that basically occurred,” he says. “My cheat dream has been the same and I have it, I’m not kidding, like 10 times per Whole30.” The Entire30 program sometimes lasts about one month.

The setting could also be totally different between desires, however Whitman says the story is at all times the identical. “I meet Britney Spears somewhere and she asks me if I want to share a Twinkie with her,” he recollects. “I know I’m on the Whole30, but it’s like, ‘When else am I doing to be able to share a Twinkie with Britney Spears?!’ So I always have a Twinkie with Britney Spears.”

The humorous a part of the story is when Whitman wakes up. “Every time I wake up I’m like, ‘Oh that was so worth it.’ I would 100 percent cheat on the Whole30 to have a Twinkie with Britney Spears.”

And Twinkies aren’t his cheat meals

Whitman says he’s at all times having a Twinkie with Spears in his dream, however Twinkies aren’t his favourite cheat meals. The motive he continues to have this dream is one thing extra subliminal. “It’s really a beautiful tribute,” Whitman shares. “My gosh, this is probably something I’ll talk about because it is such a special part of my life.” The dream is tied to Whitman’s beloved private coach who died.

The coach launched Whitman to the Entire30 about 5 years in the past and was a giant believer in this system. “He was a hysterical gay man,” Whitman recollects fondly. “When I did [the Whole30] the first time he was like, ‘Even if [you are tempted], you have to say no.’” The coach confirmed Whitman a GIF of Britney Spears throwing Twinkies.

Whitman solely noticed the GIF as soon as, however the picture caught with him and lives on in his unconscious. But if Whitman had been to cheat, would it not be with a Twinkie?

“Even in my heavy days, sweets would never be an issue,” he says. “It would be French fries. Like French fries in all different ways. I like them smothered. I like them plain, I like them with cheese and bacon. French fries are my jam.” Unfortunately, now that Whitman is deeply into this Entire30 month he’ll have to attend a number of weeks earlier than he can devour a fry.

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