‘Modern Family’ Star Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Can’t Wait to Do This After the Show Ends

by Jeremy Spirogis
Modern Family

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons has essentially invested her whole life on Modern Family. She joined the cast in period 3 as Lily, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet)’s used girl whenever she had been of sufficient age to chat and work. Over the following nine many years, Modern Family fans saw Aubrey Anderson-Emmons grow up.

Modern Family's Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
Aubrey Anderson-Emmons | ABC/Gilles Mingasson

Modern Family is closing this year after 11 complete many years regarding the environment. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons had been regarding the show’s last panel when it comes to Television Critics Association. After the panel she talked with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about developing through to Modern Family and what she desires to do next. Modern Family airs Wednesday evenings at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons had a standard youth away from ‘Modern Family’

You saw Aubrey Anderson-Emmons develop up in half-hour increments each week. When you performedn’t see her, she had been exactly like you had been developing up.

Modern FamilyModern Family
L-R: Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons | ABC/Jessica Brooks

“I am a normal kid,” Anderson-Emmons stated. “I have other hobbies besides acting but it’s an honor to be on a TV show like this. Most children don’t get this experience.”

One thing Aubrey Anderson-Emmons wants to accomplish following the program finishes

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons informed Showbiz Cheat Sheet a number of her hobbies. “I ballroom dance, Cha Cha, samba,” she stated. “I horseback ride.”

She hopes after Modern Family she will get on a-dance competitors.

“I would like to act as on Dancing using the Stars since i actually do dancing.”

One thing Aubrey Anderson-Emmons doesn’t do

Most young ones get an allowance. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons has received a Hollywood salary for nine many years, but she’s not touching it.

“I don’t spend my money,” she stated. “I save it. You’re technically not allowed to touch it until you’re 18.”

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons originates from a contemporary family members in actual life

On Modern Family, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons signifies numerous teams on tv. She is part Korean herself, and signifies adoptees with same-sex moms and dads. In real life, there clearly was adoption in Anderson-Emmons’ family members.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric StonestreetAubrey Anderson-Emmons with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet
L-R: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Audrey Anderson-Emmons, Eric Stonestreet | | ABC/Jessica Brooks

“Well, my mom was adopted,” she stated. “I don’t honestly know much about adoption myself to be honest. My mom was adopted from Korea and brought to Minnesota. My dad is from Illinois and I’ve been raised in California.”

Before ‘Modern Family’ stops, this might take place for Lily

Don’t leave behind Lily simply however. Modern Family has much more waiting for you on her behalf before the show finale.

“She might have some romance, maybe gets a boyfriend,” Anderson-Emmons said. 

“No, I have not had to do that so far, thank God,” she stated.

Modern Family: Cam, Mitch and LilyModern Family: Cam, Mitch and Lily
L-R: Erik Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Audrey Anderson-Emmons | ABC/Tony Rivetti

Lily won’t be within the Paris episode, but Anderson-Emmons reached opt for the cast.

“I wasn’t in the episode for Paris but I got invited to go to Paris,” she stated. “I swear to God, the food is so good.”

Anderson-Emmons additionally explored a lot more of Europe on her behalf very own.

“I also went to Brussels and the Netherlands,” she stated. “It was very cool.”

One thing she will eventually do whenever ‘Modern Family’ stops

You haven’t seen Aubrey Anderson-Emmons in much away from Modern Family. That’s since the year-round routine helps it be difficult to easily fit in various other tasks. When the tv show has ended, she’ll be free doing other activities. 

“I’ve been looking to get more auditions and material but no body desires to handle Modern Family,” she stated. “Because of the schedules it’s really, really hard.”

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