More fog was seen in areas adjacent to Yamuna river

by Patricia Lin
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For the country's capital Delhi, Saturday morning brought a bitter cold. Today was the coldest day of the weather in Delhi. Temperatures in Delhi broke all records today. Delhi was wrapped in a sheet of fog since morning. Visibility dropped to zero in many places. There were many problems in driving people. <! –

                 In the areas adjacent to the river Yamuna, fog was seen more.

At the same time, from Kashmiri Gate, Yamuna Bridge to Akshardham, vehicles were seen crawling on the roads due to fog and fog. While giving information to the Meteorological Department, the news agency NNI has said that the minimum temperature has been recorded at 2.4 degrees Celsius in the country's capital Delhi at 6.10 am. Let us know that earlier on January 11, 1967, the minimum temperature was recorded at 2.2 degrees Celsius.

With this, the visibility at Palam in Delhi was zero. Visibility was recorded at 800 meters in Safdarjung. The impact of this visibility has also been seen on the movement of trains. If we look at the temperature at 5.30 am in the morning, then the temperature in Dehradun has been recorded at 5.0, Udaipur – 4.0, Jammu – 7.0, Hisar – 2.4 Amritsar – 5.4, Ambala – 6.4, Chandigarh – 6.2, Speaking of Meteorological Department. Is that the temperature is expected to remain the same in the next few days

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