Navratri particular: This is the miraculous temple whose flame couldn’t be extinguished, Akbar additionally gave up the gold umbrella

by Jeremy Spirogis
Navratri special: This is the miraculous temple whose flame could not be extinguished, Akbar also gave up the gold umbrella

There are some temples whose secrets and techniques are hidden behind many miracles. Today we’re telling you about one such temple which is Maa Jwala Shaktipeeth Temple. This temple is a Shiva temple within the type of Mother and Bhero.

The mom's flame is worshiped on this temple, it’s not the idol however the flame is worshiped. There is a narrative of this temple additionally associated to Emperor Akbar.

Let me let you know that Akbar additionally tried to extinguish the flame of this temple however failed and when Akbar lower a head of a bhakt to strive the miracle of the mom, the flame flared up and the top of that fireplace rejoined. Seeing this, Akbar additionally went to the sq. and, seeing the miracle of the mom, supplied the parasol to the mom.

The specialty of this temple even today is that the providing of coconut right here fulfills the need even today, this temple of Jwala Mata is legendary in Himachal Pradesh.

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