‘NCIS’ Fans Say Agent Gibbs Obeys This Cliche Narrative Trope

by Jeremy Spirogis
NCIS cast

NCIS, currently with its seventeenth period and developing powerful, is regarded as, if you don’t typically the most popular program on system tv. The program, featuring a talented ensemble with leads entwined in complex interrelationships and fighting inner chaos, flourishes on its figures, in place of its narrative continuity. 

NCIS cast
‘NCIS’ cast | Kevin Lynch/CBS via Getty Images

While the tv show captivates visitors with every suspenseful event, it maintains visitors because of the beloved and ever-consistent faces. Agent Gibbs (portrayed by Mark Harmon), Agent McGee (Sean Murray), plus the regular inclusion of skilled designers just who come and go — Jamie Lee Curtis, Lily Tomlin, Maria Bello (still there!), etc. — make the procedural exactly what it really is. And however, though NCIS has actually been able to develop and keep a loyal fanbase, perhaps not every little thing concerning the program is perfect. 

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Many NCIS fans confess that Gibbs practically drops into a share of television guys who’ve cultivated cliche. His stoic and rigid nature is grounded in a past muddied by childhood disappointments and such a backstory unfolds in, unfortuitously, rather a trite way.

What ‘NCIS’ followers need certainly to state concerning the commitment between Agent Gibbs along with his father 

Those who’ve been viewing NCIS know that Gibbs and their daddy don’t have top dynamic. Let us keep in mind that Jackson Gibbs showed up to Shannon and Kelly’s funeral with a brand new gf, and Gibbs performedn’t love exactly how effortlessly their daddy shifted. And, as a result, Gibbs frequently holds a stoic and cool personality. The program then exploits this particular fact to ensure whenever Gibbs becomes vulnerable and opens up (to everyone’s total shock), it’s a substantial minute. Though a very good narrative device, numerous NCIS fans argue that it’s a little cliche and sluggish. In an on-line conversation about Agent Gibbs along with his daddy, one lover explained the narrative motif right here:

It’s the “broken man who shows emotion” trope. By maintaining him cool and aloof the majority of the full time, it generates each and every time he opens up a gut punch of feels.

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It’s a successful narrative device.

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Fans get on to spell out that Gibbs cannot have a powerful commitment together with daddy because he could be said to be a guy who may have nothing but their job — nothing to readily lose or get regarding the private front side. While this modifications over time (as their other representatives come to be a dysfunctional family members), it’s the foundation of Gibbs’ developing identification. One fan noted: 

Gibbs is portrayed as a broken guy. A person who may have their job and nothing else. An excellent commitment together with daddy could have changed that narrative.

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Though many fans understand just why the NCIS writers made the selection they performed, several believe those behind the program might have found brand new how to develop crisis or power, and prevented such a cliche. Fans stated:

Why don’t the writers would like them having a great commitment due to their moms and dads? It’s a crime program obtained a lot of alternative methods to create drama

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…the writers for NCIS tend to be dysfunctional as hell, and compose the majority of their particular figures as having difficulties with their particular moms and dads, or otherwise not permitting us see views of those due to their family members.

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In short, NCIS has many skills; but, numerous followers believe that upholding probably the most typical criminal activity crisis narrative go-tos is certainly not one of those (regardless if it really works to generate crisis and develop the character). 

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