‘NCIS’ Fans Say This Season 14 Episode Is One regarding the Best: An Unsung Hero Receives the Spotlight

by Jeremy Spirogis
NCIS cast

Now with its seventeenth period and developing powerful — regarding the straight back of ever-evolving personality dynamics and a devoted fanbase — it goes without stating that NCIS has seen its reasonable share of hits…and misses. A show that works for more than a decade can’t get by without a couple of defective narratives and misplaced discussion; but, the diamonds within the rough constantly compensate when it comes to missteps. And, one event — that extends back various periods — really tugs at fans’ heartstrings. 

NCIS cast
‘NCIS’ Cast | Kevin Lynch/CBS via Getty Images

While many NCIS enthusiasts will agree totally that lots of the show’s most useful attacks emerged when Abby, Tony, Ziva, and McGee all shared the display screen, a couple of symptoms as these figures’ particular departures have actually been able to get some recognition and recognition. One such episode: Season 14, Episode 13. 

Titled “Keep Going,” the episode got some interest in an on-line Reddit conversation regarding “opinions from the ideal recent NCIS attacks.” So, that which was the episode about, and just why do followers prefer the narrative to like a fantastic level? What achieved it do differently? 

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Season 14, Episode 13 of ‘NCIS’ gave James Palmer the limelight he rarely receives  

In the well-remembered bout of NCIS, James Palmer convinces a man that is planning to destroy himself which he should not. As Palmer keeps on the man’s belt — to avoid the innocent from leaping to imminent demise — both their particular life stay in danger. 

Palmer draws upon their life — their link with the NCIS team, the mental chaos Gibbs happens to be obligated to go above, their commitment with Ducky, whilst talking about the black and divisive globe we discover ourselves in. 

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Palmer, spending much time speaing frankly about the staff — forgetting they are paying attention in — starts up in an effort to connect to the man he’s wanting to conserve. As your whole staff listens, your heart starts to crumble — at both the sincerity in almost every phrase plus the vulnerability built-in towards the belief emerge.

At this moment, Palmer is a hero due to their heart, their mind, along with his social perspective — not for their fight abilities or their strategy with a tool. He is an unsung hero with a heart of silver whom gets their amount of time in the limelight. So, just what do fans need to state concerning the episode? 

‘NCIS’ fans chat Palmer’s episode 

When discussing Season 14, Episode 13 of NCIS, it becomes obvious that it’s preferred for the mental influence, and its own deep-dive into personality characteristics (which includes, perhaps, kept NCIS on the atmosphere for a lot of many years). Fans explained:

…i did so occur to see that one on television one-day! Palmer! I truly liked that one – he’s such a hero – so glad he’s nevertheless there and additional glad he’s so giddy when it comes to Ziva’s return…

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That a person is so excellent! I love the NCIS symptoms which are remarkable and within the top, but I’m additionally a large lover for this one as it’s a bit much more discreet, yet still excellent. 

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Palmer may be the guy, and also this event reminds followers of these. “She” in season 16 can be a current fan-favorite discussed within the conversation; the event, simply speaking, may be the Eleanor Bishop time. 

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