‘NCIS’ Fans Say Torres Is Like These 2 Characters Combined: For Better or Worse?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Wilmer Valderrama as Agent Torres in NCIS

NCIS has seen its reasonable share of familiar stars and Hollywood newcomers — some arrive at the program to grow their particular faces on TV’s most well known system, while other individuals — currently created in Tinseltown — come for a couple months to fulfill their particular followers. From Jamie Lee Curtis and Maria Bello (dropping into the second team) to Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly, many stars have actually come and gone, and lots of mainstays have now been changed. However, as it is constantly the way it is, an individual brand new attempts to walk-in the footwear of somebody gone, it could just get 1 of 2 techniques. 

Wilmer Valderrama as Agent Torres in NCIS
Wilmer Valderrama as Agent Torres in ‘NCIS’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

One of this figures — who’s already been an interest of blended reception — is continuing to grow much like two other NCIS characters during their time in the program. And, though some followers look for these contacts to other NCIS agents endearing, other individuals think it is is an indication of sluggish writing. So, that is Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) similar to in NCIS, and just what do fans need state about their likeness to many other beloved representatives? 

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Is Agent Torres just Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David combined in ‘NCIS?’

When you believe about Agent Torres in a broad feeling, he’s a handsome man that knows simple tips to have a very good time, however he is able to additionally simply take you straight down in hand-to-hand fight. As a result, numerous believe that the NCIS writers have actually sculpted a character just who takes the very best of Ziva plus the most useful of Tony to produce one, butt-kicking, quick-tongued broker. In an on-line conversation concerning Torres, one fan claimed:

He’s like the most perfect combine between Tony and Ziva, might have enjoyable but understands where you can draw the range and it is an experienced detective.

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The above lover noted that Torres is much like Tony; nevertheless, while Tony frequently moved a tad too far — often completely forgetting that sobriety is essential in certain moments — Torres can review an area. Another fan chimed in, concurring with all the above fan’s opinion, stating:

He’s literally Tony if Tony could battle like Ziva

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And, though some followers enjoy Torres as a personality with Tony’s personality and Ziva’s skillset, other individuals discover the evaluations to Tony sluggish, for how does the good-looking male lead need certainly to carry exactly the same, trite narrative shtick as their forerunner?

Fans which have the ‘NCIS’ article writers dropped the basketball with Torres (regarding their likeness to many other figures)

Some NCIS fans remember that Torres has exploded more comparable to Tony across time. They wonder if the article authors tend to be pressing the Tony demeanor in an effort to get brownie things among followers that do perhaps not love the broker. Fans noted:

i’m like they made him a carbon backup of Tony. And due to that, we don’t just like the personality. We don’t hate the smoothness, but We don’t like him both, since it’s only a repeat of Tony, but without having the Daddy problems.

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…the article writers be seemingly wanting to force the Tony similarities if they actually really aren’t required or honestly desired. Sure in television land most good looking, charismatic smooth talkers are identical; nevertheless, in practicality they may be a wide range and forms.

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So, are Torres’ similarities to Tony and Ziva for good or for bad? Do they boost his character or destroy their prospect of individuality? Fans remain separated.

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