Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series’ Actress Madison Taylor Baez Shares the Beautiful Connection She Has With Selena Quintanilla

by Jeremy Spirogis
Madison Baez sings the National Anthem

Netflix’s Selena: The Series is a coming-of-age story in regards to the late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla’s journey to stardom. The scripted collection, which is scheduled to air someday this summer time, begins when Selena is a younger woman dwelling in Texas.

Madison Baez sings the National Anthem
Madison Baez sings the National Anthem | Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Rising star Madison Taylor Baez reworked herself right into a nine-year-old Selena for the present. She not too long ago shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she truly grew to become the younger Queen of Tejano. As a singer and performer herself, Madison has an in depth bond together with her father, very similar to Selena did together with her personal father.

Madison mentioned when she was first referred to as to audition for the position, she didn’t know a lot in regards to the singer, however her dad and mom had been followers. “They showed me the movie and showed me all her videos,” Madison shared. “And I fell in love with Selena. I love all of her music.”

She additionally needed to study Spanish

Although Madison’s dad and mom are bilingual, like Selena’s, Madison didn’t know Spanish. “I actually had to learn Spanish and how to sing in Spanish,” she remembers. “I actually sang four Spanish songs. And I had to learn all the pronunciations. And it actually turned out to be something I really loved.”

Madison’s father Christopher shared that Selena’s dad and mom had been Spanish audio system. But, like his daughter, Selena needed to study the language too. “So what was really interesting is that Selena didn’t actually learn to speak Spanish until her dad asked her to start singing in Spanish,” he shares. “And when she was nine, kind of like Madison is when she had to learn to speak and sing in Spanish.”

Madison Taylor BaezMadison Taylor Baez
Madison Taylor Baez | Photo credit score Tamara Tihanyi

“So when Selena’s father came to her and said, ‘Hey I want to you to learn to sing in Spanish,’ Selena was like, ‘What? We don’t even speak Spanish! I like rock and roll!’” he says.

Selena and Madison have a non secular connection

Madison’s uncooked vocal expertise mirrors somebody who has had many years of coaching. Like Selena, she has a pure presence. Christopher says the comparability between the 2 singers is nearly magic.

“Madison has already been on the road and she’s already performed concerts,” he says. “So her life is so parallel to the way young Selena started that when we both were on set, a lot of the scenes Madison was doing, we had already done them in real life. It was so surreal.”

He says the connection is deeper than their love of music. Christopher hinted at a scene within the collection that mirrored actual life. “I’ll give you a quick scene without giving away too much,” he shares. “There was a scene with Abraham [Selena’s father] and Selena/Madison was outside singing,” he remembers. “And Abraham was in the house, ‘Like where’s that singing coming from?’ When he came outside he looked around the corner and peeked around and it was a young Selena, who was played by Madison, of course, singing.”

Madison Taylor Baez | Tamara Tihanyi

“And the look on his face was this moment like, ‘Oh my God.’ He was just blown away with her talent because she was so young,” Christopher continues. “I had that very same moment when Madison was five years old. So a lot of the moments, we were reliving. We would come back to our hotel and I’d tell Madison, ‘That was kind of weird, huh?’” He says Madison would recall doing the identical father-daughter follow periods as Selena and her father.

“The way I’d talk to Madison about music, Abraham would have those same conversations with Selena,” Christopher provides. “A lot of people were thinking, ‘Wow this role must be incredibly difficult to play,’ when Madison is actually young Selena.”

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