Never dry the water of miles-long desert in A-Jam-Jamjam …

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Jamjam is a well-known and historical nicely of Saudi Arabia. Never its water is dry nor spoiled. The water of this nicely of maize known as Ab-e-Jamjam. It is situated close to the Holy Kaaba. The specialty of this nicely is that its water by no means dries.

The greatest shock is that in a desert space the place there’s solely sand, this nicely fulfills the water wants of hundreds of thousands of individuals. The individuals of Mecca and Medina take its water, this nicely additionally fulfills the water wants of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims yearly on the time of Haj.

Also, whereas returning, all of the Hajis have a heartfelt want to take as a lot water of this nicely with them as doable in order that it may be shared amongst their family and mates. <! –


The specialty of this nicely's water is that it by no means will get spoiled and it’s a miracle of nature that regardless of how a lot water comes out of it, it neither dries nor empties. This nicely of desert is a boon for people. The composition of this water salt has at all times been the identical. It additionally tastes from the time it got here into existence. There is not any have to purify this water by including chemical substances, as is completed within the case of consuming water of different wells.

It has additionally been noticed that many wells and vegetation usually thrive in wells. Algae are shaped within the nicely, inflicting style and odor issues within the nicely water, however no indicators have been discovered within the water of Jamjam.

This nicely by no means drained. Not solely this, this nicely has equipped water as required. Whenever water was wanted, water was accessible right here. It has proved its international significance.

People from all around the world who come to Mecca for Hajj and Umrah drink it and there was no grievance about this water. Rather, they drink this water with nice fervor and really feel themselves extra energetic and refreshed.

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