#NirbhayaNyayDiwas: Nirbhaya's mom spoke to ZEE NEWS, & # 039; My battle was profitable, daughter bought justice & # 039;

by Jeremy Spirogis
778 fine for drunk driving, 1100 for violation of traffic rules – New Year celebration

Today is a really emotional day for ZEE NEWS and for the crew of Zee News. Today, the journey of justice which we began 7 years in the past is a vital cease.

new Delhi: Today (20 March) after 2 thousand 651 days, four viruses of the society are eradicated. All 4 convicts of Nirbhaya had been hanged this morning at 5:30. The dawn occurred at 6.28 AM, about an hour after this hanging. He introduced a brand new ray of hope for the folks of Nirbhaya's home, for ZEE NEWS and for the entire nation ready for justice for Nirbhaya. We hope that today might be remembered as Judgment Day. <! –

                 Today Nirbhaya's soul will need to have discovered peace and the hanging of those 4 poor will create a fearless environment for the ladies of the entire society.

It is claimed that the night time of cowardice could be very lengthy, scary and suffocating. The night time of yesterday (March 19) was one such night time for the convicts of Nirbhaya, as they had been cowardly. Just like they did deeds, solely a coward can do it. And the identical outcomes for these whose soul is coward. The convicts of Nirbhaya remained stressed all night time earlier than the hanging. He didn’t even state his final want. Sometimes all 4 turned silent and generally they began crying. He additionally refused to take a shower earlier than hanging. No want to worship was proven. Refused to have breakfast too.

All 4 cried of their cell earlier than hanging

Said that he doesn’t wish to die. When the final second got here, we had been afraid to go in the direction of the hanging noose. But this second of dying was completely sure. Pawan executioner didn’t delay for even a second and ended the darkness of injustice without end.

Now we let you know the assertion of three particular folks related to this case. Before Nirbhaya's mom Asha Devi and father Badrinath Singh, you hear the assertion of advocate Seema Samriddhi. Seema Samridhi used to organize for the IAS in Delhi, however she studied advocacy to assist Nirbhaya's household and fought your entire case on behalf of Nirbhaya's household.

Today can also be an emotional day for ZEE NEWS. The journey of justice which we began seven years in the past, today has its essential cease. Today Nirbhaya's mom Asha Devi is with us. Asha Devi constantly supported us within the historic marketing campaign for justice for Nirbhaya. We requested Nirbhaya's mom today, 'Well, there might be no such second within the final 7 years, when you might have forgotten Nirbhaya. But today Nirbhaya have to be lacking you numerous? ' You must also take heed to what Asha Devi mentioned on this.

Seven years earlier than today, the largest testimony of the Nirbhaya case was heard by your entire nation on Zee News. The testimony, which revealed the entire fact of the gang rape in Delhi on December 16, for the primary time. On 3 January 2013, at round 2 pm, this interview of Avanindra Pandey was achieved by ZEE NEWS. Millions of individuals have watched this interview thus far and it is without doubt one of the most watched interviews on the planet of reports. Today we wish to present you an excerpt of this interview so that you could get an thought of ​​what’s improper with our system.

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