No convict in Nirbhaya case is able to give final 2 needs: DG Tihar

by Jeremy Spirogis
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So far, not one of the 4 convicts have advised that regardless of the Tihar administration, what’s their final want?

new Delhi: Since the issuance of the 'Death Warrant' to hold Nirbhaya's culprits, there was plenty of outrage. In the Tihar Jail, at a distance from the hanging-house, the identical variety of convicts, who’re counting down on the noose, are sitting silently. What may very well be the explanation behind this or the additional technique of the culprits? He has the reply to this query. So far, not one of the 4 convicts have advised that regardless of the Tihar administration, what’s their final want? <! –


Tihar Jail (Delhi Jail) Director General Sandeep Goyal mentioned on Thursday, "We are adopting the legal procedure that should be implemented after the death warrant is issued from the court. Under this, the Tihar Jail administration has asked the four criminals to Last wish was also asked a few days ago. So far none of the four have given any reply. "

Sandeep Goyal mentioned, "The jail administration had asked the four convicts who they would like to meet in jail at what time of the day before the death warrant was put in place? The names, addresses and contact numbers of the concerned, if any, in writing. Inform the jail administration. So that proper arrangements can be made to bring the final mixers to the jail in time. "

According to the Director General of Prisons, "The second thing that was asked as per the rules was whether they had to transfer any of their movable and immovable property in the name of their relative, confidant? If so, the name of the person / relative concerned is also available to the jail administration. Get it done. By Thursday, none of the four criminals have currently answered both questions. As soon as they are answered, the jail administration will arrange accordingly. Rs will do. "

Another Tihar jail official mentioned, "Since the four convicts have not yet given a written answer to any of the two questions. At the moment, like the other inmates in their jail, they got the family to meet them two days a week." Yes, who’s the final particular person to be despatched to jail and when they’re to be met for the final time earlier than the day of execution of the sentence? It remains to be pending. The day earlier than, didn’t reply to each questions by criminals with the right time, so will the jail authorities assume that hear-nothing to inform them. "

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