Not solely Sonbhadra, tens of millions of tons of gold are hidden on this place in Bihar however it’s inconceivable to achieve it

by Jeremy Spirogis
Not only Sonbhadra, millions of tons of gold are hidden in this place in Bihar but it is impossible to reach it

In Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, an enormous inventory of gold has been discovered. It is predicted that about 3000 tons of gold is current underneath the earth. The authorities has additionally began the method to take away this sono from underneath the earth. But have you learnt that not solely Sonpur in Uttar Pradesh but additionally in its neighboring state of Bihar, there’s a place the place immense gold is hidden. But it’s inconceivable to take away this gold.

There is a cave within the foothills of the Vaibhargiri hill within the Rajgir metropolis of Bihar. This cave is also referred to as 'Son Bhandar Cave'. Rajgir has one other id, town can also be well-known for the monuments of Lord Buddha. <! –


It is claimed that there’s a collapse Rajgir during which the prized treasure of Bimbisar, the Emperor Maurya ruler of Magadha Empire, is hidden. However, until date nobody has been capable of finding this treasure. Let me inform you, Rajgir was the capital of Magadha Empire throughout the reign of Mauryan ruler Bimbisara. It is believed that Lord Buddha preached faith to Bimbisara at this place.

Although many historians additionally confer with the treasures current on this cave, that of Magadha emperor Jarasangha, however a lot of the proof signifies that the gold hidden on this cave belongs to Maurya ruler Bimbisara. This is as a result of at a ways from this cave are the jails during which Ajatshatru tied his father Bimbisara.

There are two chambers in 'Son Bhandar Cave'. Both these chambers are closed by a rock of rock. It is claimed that there was a classroom of safety personnel who guarded the treasury. And the opposite room which is fashionable about it’s that 10.4×5.2 meter rectangular sturdy closet has an enormous inventory of gold. But nobody is aware of the right way to get to this cave.

There is one thing written in a conch script on a wall on this cave, however nobody might learn it as a result of the books used to learn the conch script have been within the library of Taxila and when the library was set on fireplace it The e-book explaining the conch script was additionally burnt. It is claimed that if anybody reads what’s written on this conch script on this cave, then he can attain that repository of gold.

Some individuals imagine that the trail to the hidden treasures in these caves goes via the again of a big historical stone. While some additionally imagine that the trail to achieve the treasures goes via the Vaibhargiri mountain sea to the Saptaparni caves, which reaches the opposite aspect of the Son Bhandar cave.

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