O.M.G. Do not do it by mistake whereas consuming meals, these won’t work, so many victims of illnesses !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
O.M.G. Do not do it by mistake while eating food, these will not work, so many victims of diseases !!

Or consuming water whereas consuming this meals could be very dangerous on your well being. Drinking water whereas consuming meals is to extend weight problems for our physique.

If we do that, our physique will undergo the required injury, should you drink water whereas consuming, it’s going to make our meals substance very thick.

Due to which the meals in our physique just isn’t digested correctly and to digest it, gastric juice begins to be fashioned, as a consequence of which the criticism of jas and indigestion begins.

According to Ayurvedic, consuming water instantly after consuming meals is the same as poison, doing so could worsen our intestines.

And the vitality referred to as Jathargni of our pancreas is misplaced which is useful in digesting our meals and our meals won’t be digested correctly and can begin to rot in our abdomen and we may have issues like acetidy.

In Ayurveda, consuming water instantly after consuming our physique can catch 103 illnesses.

If you chew the meals no less than one hour earlier than consuming the meals, then we won’t must drink water within the center. If there’s a weight reduction, then drink loads of water one hour earlier than the meal.

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