O.M.G. even after forgetting this blow, don’t minimize your hair and nails or else you’ll stay poor for the remainder of your life !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
O.M.G. even after forgetting this blow, do not cut your hair and nails or else you will remain poor for the rest of your life !!

Every individual walks day by day of their life in response to their day by day routine and their constellations transfer accordingly.

The significance of doing any work can be related to Vastu, so earlier than performing any auspicious work, one ought to do it in response to their planets and constellations.

Cutting of hair or nails of an individual can be associated to the Vastu of his life and even when any work is finished, there’s a change within the planet and constellation, so know to not minimize hair and nails on sure particular days.

It is believed that hair shouldn’t be minimize on Tuesdays and Saturdays and nails shouldn’t be minimize on Maglwar and Thursday, for those who achieve this, it impacts the planet and constellation and Vastu.

Its unhealthy results immediately have an effect on the financial state of affairs or the upcoming intensive advantages and by doing such a reverse work, it results in corruption and nothing else is proved.

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