O.M.G. If there is no need the income to purchase pricey treasures, then you’ll definitely get advantages like treasures through the origins among these woods !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
O.M.G. If you do not have the money to buy expensive gems, then you will get benefits like gems from the roots of these trees !!

To remove planetary problems within the horoscope, you may be suggested to put on pricey treasures, however if you simply cannot purchase pricey treasures, you don’t have to bother.

The origins of the many sacred plants worshiped beneath the Sanatan custom are extremely auspicious, which leads to the using of treasures by using all of them.

1 To have the blessings of this moon, put on the root of Khirni in white fabric on Somwar day.

2 To have the elegance of this Sun earth, put on the main of Belpatra in red or red fabric from the Sunday side.

3 For the elegance of Mars, put on the main of Anantmool or Kher in a purple fabric on Tuesday.

4 To have the elegance of Mercury, put on the root of Vidhara in a white fabric on a Wednesday.

5 In purchase to obtain the blessings of Jupiter, place the banana root from the region of the yellowish fabric on Thursday.

6 For the Venus, put on the source of sycamore in a white fabric on Friday.

7 For the elegance of Shani, put on the root of Shami in indigo fabric on Saturday.

8 To prevent Rahu's flaws, put on white sandalwood pieces in blue fabric on Wednesday.

9 To eliminate the problems of Ketu, wear ashwagandha root in a blue-colored fabric on Thursday.

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