O.M.G. can be so high priced Dhirubhai Ambani's school, a standard guy can find a bungalow for entry fees

by Jeremy Spirogis
O.M.G. is so expensive Dhirubhai Ambani's school, a common man can buy a bungalow for admission fees

You is going to be stunned by understanding Mukesh Ambani's college costs, also tiny people cannot want to teach-in it.

Today we will inform you about Mukesh Ambani's college, just how much could be the charge for this college that individuals from tiny households cannot even contemplate teaching the youngster in this middle-income group household.

This college only takes ₹ 2400000 for entry, it really is just entry costs, in addition to the yearly costs of courses, from LKG to 5th course, 1.4 lakhs is recharged yearly.

Annual costs: Rs 1.7 lakh from LKG to 7th standard and Rs 1.85 lakh from 8th to 10th level (ICSE board), Rs 4.48 lakh for IGCSE board.

In this college, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan Aamir Khan researches Hrithik Roshan together with sons of political leaders aside from the stars.

How expensive the costs for this college is the fact that the middle-income group household cannot also consider giving kids for this college.

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