O.M.G. Never donate this stuff after night, in any other case the way in which shall be beggar like situation !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
O.M.G. Never donate these things after evening, otherwise the way will be beggar like condition !!

Today we have no idea what issues shouldn’t be donated after sundown, in our Indian Hindu society, donation is taken into account to be very nice and a piece of advantage.

But after sundown this stuff shouldn’t be donated.

1 Milk: – After sundown, irrespective of who was a beggar to come back and stand at your own home, don’t forget to provide milk to him or else your laughing sport will catch fireplace.

2 Curd: – You might have given curd to many beggars by taking it to many temples, however after sundown, don’t make such a mistake in any respect; One shouldn’t donate milk and curd after sundown.

3 Garlic and Onion: According to the scriptures, after sundown, the impact of sorcery could be very sturdy, so Shyam shouldn’t give onion and garlic to anybody at the moment, nor ought to anybody eat onion and garlic.

four cash: – After sundown, it is best to by no means give cash to anybody, even when somebody has come to ask you for a mortgage.

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