O.M.G. This meals merchandise made in a copper vessel turns into poison, meals poisoning can take your life !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
O.M.G. This food item made in a copper vessel becomes poison, food poisoning can take your life !!

Never put it in copper utensils, these items turn out to be meals poisoning.

Today we’re going to inform you concerning the copper vessel. People usually use the copper vessel to drink water and it’s mentioned that ingesting water in a copper vessel helps in your well being.

But you shouldn’t maintain some liquid issues in a copper vessel as a result of they will trigger meals poisoning.

You mustn’t maintain these items in a copper vessel, forgetting the issues like pickle, curd and lemon juice, as a result of along with the copper vessel, these items make one thing chemical that may be very harmful to your well being and in case you take copper If you eat or drink these items stored in a pot, then your vomiting will begin in a couple of minutes.

Sour Fruits and Milk In addition, you shouldn’t maintain bitter fruits and milk in a copper vessel as in addition they trigger meals poisoning; in a copper vessel it turns into such a chemical that you’re certain to have meals poisoning.

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