Of Course, Non-Skywalker Jedi Still Exist In ‘Star Wars,’ So Lookout, Broom Boy

by Jeremy Spirogis
Of Course, Non-Skywalker Jedi Still Exist In ‘Star Wars,’ So Lookout, Broom Boy

The Rise of Skywalker had many reveals and vital moments for the franchise. One of the most important arcs of this sequel trilogy was “Who is Rey?” So, the final reveal about her was surprising to some. And whereas it defines her story, there are different Force-sensitive folks on the market that might turn into correct Jedi themselves. Even although the Skywalkers are the primary Force-wielders in Star Wars, there’s hope on the market for all of the broom children within the galaxy. Spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker forward. 

'Star Wars' costume for Kylo Ren on display at the Star Wars Marathon hosted by Nerdist at the El Capitan Theater.
‘Star Wars’ costume for Kylo Ren on show on the Star Wars Marathon hosted by Nerdist on the El Capitan Theater | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Some folks thought Rey’s lineage diminished the broom boy from ‘The Last Jedi’

Some folks didn’t like Rey’s lineage as a result of it made them really feel just like the broom boy on the finish of The Last Jedi didn’t matter. That the story of Star Wars is just left as much as the kids of vital households, just like the Skywalkers, in Ben Solo’s case, or the Palpatines, in Rey’s. And that’s, after all, not it. Even although the narrative may have been extra highly effective or simply completely different if Rey certainly was a no one, that didn’t occur. But that doesn’t imply broom kids don’t matter. They do, and are the way forward for Star Wars.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, co-writer of Episode IX, Chris Terrio, reveals that this debate is vital, and The Rise of Skywalker under no circumstances diminishes this “democratization of the Force.” He defined that for this story, he and J.J. Abrams simply felt the reply to who Rey is required to be “more interesting.” Having Rey be a Palpatine, “one of the families that has been at the center of this whole saga the entire time,” was too good to cross up. “In the end, the film asserts that there are things stronger than blood because she chooses a different family for herself,” he mentioned.

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Chris Terrio mentioned that broom boys matter in ‘Star Wars,’ too

But when you’re nonetheless questioning in regards to the little boy that confirmed his Force sensitivity in Episode VIII, the film can nonetheless offer you hope for the longer term. The Rise of Skywalker revealed that Finn was extraordinarily Force-sensitive and may sense Rey’s demise and the place the alerts had been coming from within the battle on the finish. “We wanted to begin to plant the idea that Finn is Force strong and that there are other people in the galaxy who are Force strong,” Terrio mentioned.

And with that, the way forward for the Jedi — extra Force-sensitive children — exist on the market, too. “Yes, of course, the galaxy is full of Force users, and you don’t have to be a Skywalker or a Palpatine in order to be strong with the Force,” Terrio careworn. “But Luke does say very explicitly in Return of the Jedi, ‘The Force is strong in my family,’ and we all know that there’s an inherited component to Force energy.” That’s why Ben Solo and Rey had been such large gamers within the sequel trilogies. And it will clarify why Rey was so highly effective from the get-go, too. 

‘Star Wars’ is filled with Jedi that aren’t Skywalkers or Palpatines

And to additional this level, there are already tons of Jedi in canon that exist after Order 66, when the Empire largely purged the universe of Jedi. In addition to Finn, Star Wars Rebels focuses on Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger. Along with different rebels on their ship, Ghost, they work missions that undermine the Empire round 14 years after Revenge of the Sith

Not to say, Ahsoka Tano survived as nicely. Since she was not a Jedi and had an edge on Mandalore, Ahsoka escaped Order 66. She went on to additionally work for the Rebel Alliance. While Ahsoka left the Jedi Order earlier than changing into a Jedi Knight, she’s immensely robust with the Force. In the novel Ahsoka, she additionally expresses a need to assist different younglings who may additionally be Force-sensitive, to save lots of them from Inquisitors and the Empire who’re searching them. 

There had been Jedi earlier than Skywalkers, and there will probably be Jedi after. No one is aware of what occurs after The Rise of Skywalker, however the Jedi aren’t gone, and the Force continues to be robust with many.

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