Offer water to the Sun God every single day with copper lotus, the darkness of life will disappear, happiness and prosperity will are available the home

by Jeremy Spirogis
Offer water to the Sun God every day with copper lotus, the darkness of life will disappear, happiness and prosperity will come in the house

How to Worship Sun God: For the happiness and prosperity in life, we’re suggested to worship God recurrently. In such a state of affairs, the primary query that arises is that after first worshiping which God brings happiness and prosperity in our home. So the reply is that of Lord Surya i.e. Sun God. Explain that Surya Narayan (Suryanarayan) can also be known as Aditya because of being the primary to seem in the entire creation.

That is why Suryadev is distinguished within the Navagrahas too. The chariot of Lord Surya consists of seven horses with a circle. <! –

                 Which is known as Samvatsar. Donating wheat to please Lord Sun is taken into account auspicious. Also, providing arghya each day to Suryadev additionally brings happiness and prosperity. But it have to be saved in thoughts that at any time when God affords water to the Sun, the vessel needs to be of copper. That is, water needs to be provided to Lord Surya solely with copper pot.

If daylight doesn’t are available your home, then positively set up a symbolic solar god idol there. Suryadev is happy by donating crimson and yellow garments. Apart from this, there may be by no means a scarcity of cash and cash in the home by placing a statue or image of Suryadev within the north course. It is believed that by placing an idol of Suryadev within the kids's room, the thoughts of the youngsters begins to review. Along with this, by placing the idol of Suryadev in such locations of the home the place relations spend extra time, illnesses are faraway from the home and the relations stay wholesome.

Explain that the Sun God is crimson within the Navagrahas. According to spiritual beliefs, Suryadev additionally has a reputation Savita, which implies the creator. The world has originated from them. Fasting each Sunday to please Suryadev additionally provides auspicious outcomes. Apart from this, additionally it is thought of auspicious to put in a copper solar statue within the kitchen, by doing so there isn’t any scarcity of meals in the home.

There is not any downside within the household by putting in a solar statue within the bed room of the pinnacle of the family. If there may be any loss in business, then Sun statue needs to be put in within the workplace or store. Also, by putting in copper solar statue within the temple of the home, the blessings of Suryadev are all the time on the household.

There are non secular beliefs that the lifetime of the earth is from the solar itself. Surya is such a god who could be seen visually. The worship of Suryadev provides the blessing of being all the time wholesome. Surya is taken into account as a type of hearth and it impacts Vastu Shastra. According to spiritual perception, the worship of Suryadev is averted with the best inauspiciousness. By worshiping Suryadev each day, enemies get victory.

It is believed that if somebody within the household is significantly in poor health or isn’t getting progress in life, then Suryadev needs to be provided water every single day at dawn with copper lotus. According to Vastu Shastra, the Sun stays within the northern a part of the earth from midnight until three am. This time is confidential. This course and time is taken into account finest for holding treasured gadgets or jewellery in a secret place.

Along with this, taking a shower within the holy river earlier than dawn and giving a lamp to the solar provides auspicious outcomes. The time of Brahma Muhurta earlier than dawn is taken into account good for contemplation and research. There needs to be a system of sufficient daylight in the home and it’s thought of auspicious to have ample daylight within the kitchen and bogs too. Chant this mantra on the time of worshiping Lord Sun- Whenever you worship Lord Sun-

ॐ Sun soul, Jagatastasushcha, Adityasya namaskar, these are the curvatines.

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