Oscar Isaac Made a New ‘Enemy’ During ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Filming

by Jeremy Spirogis
Oscar Isaac half smiling

Four phrases specifically strike worry into the center of each Star Wars fan: “I don’t like sand.” As it seems, Anakin Skywalker is hardly alone in disliking all these grains. Now Poe Dameron isn’t keen on it both. 

Only Oscar Isaac’s dislike of sand isn’t impressed by gooey romantic dialogue, however by the Rise of Skywalker shoot. Truly, sand has been a thorn within the aspect of every kind of Star Wars individuals, going again to the unique 1977 movie. It’s to be anticipated if you movie within the desert, nevertheless it’s even worse for droids than it’s for people. 

How sand bought a nasty rap in Star Wars

Oscar Isaac half smiling
Oscar Isaac | Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

Nowadays, for those who point out sand to a Star Wars fan, their face twists right into a grimace as they keep in mind Hayden Christensen’s immortal strains in 2002’s Attack of the Clones when he’s talking to his beloved Padme. 

“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere. Not like you. You’re soft and smooth.” 

Fans have been attempting to determine how Padme managed to fall for Anakin after cringe-worthy strains like that. Even for George Lucas, who has by no means been identified for nice dialogue, these strains clunked like a nasty transmission. 

It’s potential that Lucas wrote these strains because of unhealthy recollections of the 1977 shoot in Tunisia, the place the Tatooine scenes had been filmed. According to this Reddit thread, a biography of Lucas states “Sand, it seemed, got into everything, stinging eyes, abrading skin and getting into nearly every crack and crevice.” 

Why Oscar Isaac doesn’t like sand both

Now the torch of sand hatred has been handed all the way down to Oscar Isaac. According to Screen Rant, some making-of footage has come out for the film’s launch on dwelling video. In truth, Disney pushed the movie out for digital sale sooner than deliberate as a response to the pandemic. 

In a making-of clip that EW posted, the actor says he had plenty of enjoyable throughout the shoot, apart from that darned sand. “They’d have fans, and you’d just have all this sand getting into your eyes. I’d go home after some days and tons of sand would be pouring out of my hair,” he stated. 

Ironically sufficient, Isaac is coping with much more of it, having filmed scenes for Dune, a brand new model of the Frank Herbert sci-fi traditional directed by Denis Villeneuve, whose credit embrace Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. Sand horror tales will proceed for years to return until filmmakers use solely computer-generated grains. 

C-3PO hates sand a lot, there’s a e-book about it

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The sand might have been powerful for Anakin Skywalker, George Lucas and Oscar Isaac however no one had it worse than Anthony Daniels, the person who performed C-3PO in all 9 Skywalker movies. The sand was a nightmare because it bought inside his metallic and very popular, sweltering costume. 

Perhaps that’s what impressed an image e-book for youths known as C-3PO does NOT Like Sand. The writer’s abstract of the e-book says our favourite droids “are on a special mission to the desert planet of Tatooine for the Resistance, but between befriending Banthas and cheering on pod races, (sic) BB-8 and R2-D2 are having a hard time focusing. What’s a droid to do but have some fun in the sun? It’s a good thing everyone’s favorite protocol droid is on hand to keep the mission on track. But one thing is for certain, C-3PO does not like sand!”

Fans can relive the sandy adventures of The Rise of Skywalker on digital now, on bodily media March 31. A date for Disney+ has not been introduced, however that will come sooner quite than later as followers will likely be dwelling for some time.

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