Pakistan Bar Council condemns criticism on Special Court

by Jeremy Spirogis
punjab bar council

LAHORE ( Sahiwal TV – December 20, 2019 – Zohaib ) Pakistan Bar Council President and other officials  condemned the criticism on special court after the decision against Pervez Musharraf and said that if anyone sees any  flaws in the decision, the procedure is given and an appeal can be filed against it in the Superior Court.

Such statements by the parliamentarians and establishment seem to imply that all institutions, including the judiciary, are under their control.

Statements from the government ministers and their legal team, and especially from the Attorney General implies that this government has been installed that is why their words are the same.

Meanwhile, the Punjab Bar Council has also praised the decision and condemned the criticism by the government and the institutions.

Pakistan Army is a respectable institution, its officials must act carefully, statements against the decision should be withdrawn and the institution should not be a party to any individual.

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