Pakistan executes two army officers spying for US

by Jeremy Spirogis
Pakistan executes two army officers spying for US

Pakistan (Sahiwal Tv – November 30, 2019 – Zohaib) Two spying army officers sentenced to death, but for what small mistake did they catch? Knowing that you will also praise to our intelligence agencies.

Two Pakistani army officers who were spying for the United States were sentenced to death by a military court, of which Brigadier Raja Rizwan was hanged last week while an engineer named Waseem Akram is awaiting execution.

According to details, Wasim Akram was posted to the National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM). The company is responsible for the manufacture of missiles. Wasim Akram, with his professionalism, was instrumental in the preparation of Shaheen 2 and Shaheen 3. Given his expertise in the preparation of Shaheen 2, he was made head of the engine and motor development team for Shaheen-3.

He was in a senior position that could not be doubted. Once he was sent to the United States to attend a training program in the United States. After that he often returned to the United States. He flew to the US state of New Mexico, where the two main nuclear laboratories of the United States are Sandia and Los Alamos.

He could not be suspected of going there because there is a nuclear reactor at the University of New Mexico’s Albuquerque campus where students conduct experiments. It was believed that Waseem Akram went to that university.

During his visits to the US, Waseem Akram began gambling there and one day he was caught by US security agencies. That’s when he became an American spy. He returned to Pakistan and started delivering intelligence information to the United States and at the same time, Brigadier Rizwan also joined him. Both of them were never caught, but it was then that the United States tried to sabotage and slow down the Pakistani missile program on the information provided to them, which alarmed Pakistani intelligence agencies.

Then in January 2016, a routine experiment of Shaheen Three failed, even though in 2015 two successful missile tests were carried out. When the experiment failed, an inquiry was launched which did not reveal the secret of his detective, but it turned out that Waseem Akram had bought a house in the United States worth $ 2.5 million. Here Waseem Akram made the mistake that the house was purchased directly in his own name in the US. Authorities suspected he might have committed some corruption.

During the same inquiry, Waseem Akram’s constant contact with Brigadier Raja Rizwan was also revealed and this was the time when authorities were suspected of being his spy. Two of his three children – a son and a daughter – were studying in the United States and became green card holders. Upon knowing this, Wasim Akram was arrested and during the interrogation revealed the secret of his and Raja Rizwan’s spying for the United States.

Raja Rizwan was also arrested on this confession, who confessed that he had been spying on the United States since his duty in Berlin in 2012. Thus the inquiry, which began with a missile failure, exposed these American spies and eventually reached their end.

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