People of Bangladesh capital Dhaka upset because of thick fog

by Jeremy Spirogis
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The neighboring countries, including Hindustan, have actually winter. Due for this, there is certainly a thick fog in a lot of aspects of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc. There is hefty snowfall in a lot of aspects of Pakistan and India, as a result of which life was impacted.

Dhaka, the administrative centre of Bangladesh, can be covered with dense fog. This is excatly why routes to Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport had been stopped on Thursday. <! –


Giving information, the officials stated that because of the thick fog, the plane cannot be managed in the airport. Flight happens to be delayed for several routes.

The Daily Star quoted airport deputy manager Beni Madhav Biswas as stating that all routes on domestic and worldwide tracks were suspended.

Many aircraft divert to Kolkata

Due to thick fog, numerous worldwide routes have also impacted. So on Wednesday, three worldwide routes, including a cargo jet, had been redirected towards the Indian town of Kolkata, while no aircraft operated in the domestic course.

Vishwas stated that after the fog finished, the US-Bangla flight left for Kuala Lumpur. Apart from flight functions, authorities needed to suspend ferry solutions in the Paturia-Daulatadia route on Wednesday as a result of bad exposure as a result of thick fog.

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