Petrol and diesel rates fall, understand

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Oil businesses have actually paid off the values of petrol and diesel on Monday when it comes to 2nd successive time. That is, today, consumers will need to spend less cash for petrol and diesel than Sunday. Oil rates had increased for all times before Sunday, however now consumers tend to be relieved.

Petrol and diesel rates in four metros

The cost of a liter of petrol features diminished by 10 paise in Delhi, nine paise in Kolkata and 10 paise in Mumbai and Chennai. After this, the buying price of petrol during these says is paid off to Rs 75.80, 78.39, 81.39 and 78.56 correspondingly. Talking about diesel, the buying price of a liter of diesel features diminished by five paise in Delhi, six paise in Kolkata, five paise in Mumbai and six paise in Chennai, after which it its pricing is 69.06, 71.43, 72.42 and 72.98 per liter correspondingly. Has took place.

Petrol price in various other significant towns and cities

city Petrol Price (12 January 2020) Petrol Price (13 January 2020)
new Delhi 75.90 rupees 75.80 rupees
Kolkata 78.48 rupees 78.39 rupees
Mumbai 81.49 rupees Rs 81.39
Chennai 78.84 rupees Rs 78.76
Gurgaon 74.94 rupees 75.08 rupees
Noida 77.02 rupees 76.94 rupees
Chandigarh 71.71 rupees 71.62 rupees
Lucknow 76.83 rupees 76.75 rupees
Agra 76.77 rupees 76.51 rupees
Aligarh 76.94 rupees 76.98 rupees
Allahabad 76.98 rupees 77.29 rupees
Ghaziabad 76.83 rupees 76.75 rupees
Varanasi 77.43 rupees 77.06 rupees
Bhopal 84.09 rupees 84.01 rupees
Indore 84.61 rupees 84.26 rupees
Bikaner 82.06 rupees Rs 81.47
Jaipur Rs 89.79 79.47 rupees
Jaisalmer Rs 81.73 81.66 rupees

This much cost of just one liter of diesel

city Diesel Price (12 January 2020) Diesel Price (13 January 2020)
new Delhi 69.11 rupees 69.06 rupees
Kolkata 71.48 rupees 71.43 rupees
Mumbai 72.47 rupees Rs 72.42
Chennai 73.34 rupees 72.98 rupees
Gurgaon 67.71 rupees 67.89 rupees
Noida 69.46 rupees 69.41 rupees
Chandigarh 65.79 rupees 65.74 rupees
Lucknow 69.26 rupees 69.21 rupees
Agra 69.16 rupees 68.90 rupees
Aligarh 69.35 rupees 69.44 rupees
Allahabad 69.44 rupees 69.85 rupees
Ghaziabad 69.24 rupees 69.19 rupees
Varanasi 69.96 rupees 69.57 rupees
Bhopal 75.43 rupees 75.40 rupees
Indore 75.89 rupees 75.66 rupees
Bikaner 76.38 rupees 75.88 rupees
Jaipur 74.27 rupees 74.01 rupees
Jaisalmer 76.09 rupees 76.06 rupees

Price changes at six o'clock each day

Please tell that the buying price of petrol and diesel modifications at six each morning every single day. <! –

                 The new rates tend to be appropriate from six o'clock each morning. In the buying price of petrol and diesel, excise task, dealership percentage as well as other things add nearly two fold its cost.

This may be the foundation for correcting the purchase price

Petrol and diesel rates change each day according to exactly what the values of crude have been in the worldwide marketplace together with the currency exchange prices. Based on these requirements, the oil businesses perform some work of correcting the petrol price and diesel price day-to-day.

How much tax in petrol

In the total amount you pay money for petrol and diesel offered, you’re having to pay 55.5 % for petrol and 47.3 per cent for diesel.

Dealers also add their particular margin

Dealers are those who operate petrol pumps. They by themselves offer petrol at retail rates after including fees and their very own margins into the customers. This expense can also be included with the petrol price and diesel price.


  • On Monday, the buying price of petrol and diesel features diminished when it comes to 2nd successive time.
  • The cost of one liter petrol in Delhi has actually paid off by 10 paise, and after that its cost has-been paid off to Rs 75.80.
  • The rates of petrol and diesel modification at six each morning every single day.

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