Pivotal Marvel Characters Who May Be Gender-Swapped in Future MCU Installments

by Jeremy Spirogis
MCU Phase 4

While The Eternals will gender swap three of its leads — Makkari (Lauren Ridloff), Ajak (Salma Hayek), and Sprite (Lia McHugh)— the upcoming Phase Four film won’t characteristic the one gender-swapped characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Aside from these three bulletins, extra Marvel characters who’re at the moment in talks to affix the ever-expanding cinematic panorama may be gender-swapped (after they lastly make it to the get together). 

MCU Phase 4
MCU Phase 4 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

So, who shall be gender-swapped? Will Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four change into Invisible Man? Will Johnny Storm change into Joanna Storm? What does the MCU have in retailer, and the way do Kevin Feige and Co, plan to alter the supply materials’s depiction to swimsuit its narrative plans and intentions. 

‘Captain Marvel 2’ might introduce a feminine Nova

We Got This Covered (WGTC) lately reported that Captain Marvel 2 — more likely to hit cinemas as a part of Phase 5  — will characteristic a feminine model of Nova. The outlet, counting on a 4Chan leak (a web site with blended credibility that every now and then is true on the mark), said that the reimagined model of Nova shall be Richard Rider’s (unique Nova) daughter, Beth Rider.

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Rumor has it that Nova (Beth Rider) and Carol Danvers will develop a romantic relationship within the upcoming installment, aligning with earlier theories that argue Marvel Studios’ intentions to make Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel an LGBTQ+ heroine. So, whereas this rumor comes from 4Chan, and needs to be taken with a grain of salt, it appears narratively believable given what we already know concerning the panorama. 

As for Nova, the character boasts superhuman power, flight, pace, and sturdiness, in addition to the power to soak up vitality directed at him/her, and launch it as gravimetric pulses and beams. In quick, Nova will not be one to be reckoned with (until you’re able to take an vitality blast). 

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An Emma Thompson-like actress might painting Galactus within the MCU 

Rumor has it that casting for Galactus — the devourer of worlds — might come down to 2 vastly totally different, however equally robust choices. While Liam Neeson has long-been thought-about the frontrunner for the half (given his impending disposition and deep, intimidating voice), Marvel Studios might resolve to rely extra closely on the character’s different qualities, putting omniscience, and all-knowing superiority above worry as the first attribute. If Marvel chooses this, they might additionally select a girl, and go together with an Emma Thompson kind actress. 

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Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson would undoubtedly provide up disparate depictions; nevertheless, each would doubtless obtain adulation, because the omnipotent Galactus. While Neeson can be extra in step with the comedian ebook depiction, Emma Thompson would characterize Kevin Feige’s valiant efforts to pay homage, whereas avoiding mimicry and create experiences that really feel new to comedian ebook readers and pure movie fans alike. 

When it involves the MCU, gender-swapping gives the potential to shock followers by way of unseen illustration. AS of now, The Eternals casting is confirmed, however it is going to be a while till Nova and Galactus casting attain a conclusion. 

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