Police tightened through to the thieves of car thieves within the money

by Jeremy Spirogis
India's cleanest city for 4th consecutive time

Raj Express In Madhya Pradesh, the terror of thieves just isn’t using a title, modern situation has arrived right out of the capital Bhopal. Ayodhyanagar police of this money features uncovered vicious car thieves. According to your information, law enforcement have arrested two car thieves.

Learn in regards to the situation in detail :

The situation is for the money of Madhya Pradesh, the vicious car thieves happen subjected because of the Ayodhyanagar authorities. According to your information gotten, law enforcement have arrested two car thieves. Police recovered 15 stolen two wheelers through the thieves. The thieves took the vehicle and parked the petrol in various parking lots in Bhopal. <! –


Let me tell you that – Vicious vehicle thieves utilized to take cars and playground petrol in various parking lots in Bhopal. Vicious vehicle thieves hid 4 automobiles within the parking of District Court, 4 vehicles concealed within the parking of Bhopal Memorial Hospital. Hide 2 automobiles in parking of Minal Mall. Hide 3 automobiles in People's Mall parking. Hid 1 car under Bhanpur Bridge. The accused accustomed replace the quantity full bowl of the automobile. The vicious car thief dedicated the criminal activity this way.

Names of arrested accused

  • Name of this accused – Suresh alias Sitaram Silavat dad Bhavarlal Silavat, citizen Karaundia police station Gunaga Bhopal.

  • Name of accused- Arvind Thakur dad Tej Singh Thakur, resident D / 141 Nirmal Palace Avadhpuri Bhopal.

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