Queen: Freddie Mercury’s Bizarre Encounters With the Sex Pistols

by Jeremy Spirogis
Queen: Freddie Mercury’s Bizarre Encounters With the Sex Pistols

Queen is likely one of the hottest progressive rock bands. The Sex Pistols are among the many hottest punk rock bands. Punk rock was usually seen as a response to the musical extra of progressive rock. During his profession, Freddie Mercury was requested whether or not or not he thought his band would have the ability to face up to the rise of punk rock.

Not solely did Queen face up to the rise of punk rock as a style, they needed to take care of Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols harassing him within the studio. Mercury responded together with his trademark wit. This wasn’t the one time a member of the Sex Pistols had an odd interplay with Mercury.

Freddie Mercury | Rob Verhorst/Redferns

Queen vs. the Sex Pistols

For a time, it regarded like punk rock may have overtaken the whole thing of the pop music world. Mercury was requested about this in an interview. He stated he noticed punk rock as wholesome competitors. He additionally famous Queen had many rivals who discovered success earlier than the arrival of punk rock, together with ABBA, the Electric Light Orchestra, and Rod Stewart.

Bands competing towards one another for chart dominance is one factor. Bands having heated exchanges within the studio is one other. The Sex Pistols have been lengthy identified for kicking the hornet’s nest. Vicious’ interplay with Mercury was no exception. According to Billboard, Vicious requested Mercury “Have you succeeded in bringing ballet to the masses yet?” The Quietus reviews Vicious requested this query in reference to a remark Mercury made in an interview.

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Freddie Mercury discussing punk rock and a bunch of different subjects.

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How Freddie Mercury responded to Sid Vicious’ remark

Mercury recalled how he reacted to the assertion. “I called him Simon Ferocious or something, and he didn’t like it at all. I said, ‘What are you going to do about it?’”

Mercury remembered how Vicious reacted. “He was very well marked. I said, ‘Make sure you scratch yourself in the mirror properly today, and tomorrow you’re going to get something else.’ He hated the fact that I could even speak like that. I think we survived that test.” 

Peter Hince, considered one of Queen’s roadies, remembered Mercury “took him by the collar and threw him out” after the trade. Oddly sufficient, Mercury stated nothing about throwing Vicious out of the studio. 

Another bizarre approach the 2 bands interacted

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

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In addition, the ebook Queen: Complete Works reviews this was not the one time Queen had an uneasy run-in with the Sex Pistols. Specifically, Johnny Rotten tried to satisfy a band in an unorthodox approach. Bill Price, Sex Pistol’s supervisor, recalled getting what a member of Queen needed to say concerning the incident. “One of the [Sex Pistols] just crawled on all fours across our studio up to the side of the piano, said, ‘Hello Freddie,’ and left on all fours. Could you make sure he doesn’t do it again?”

Queen and the Sex Pistols are two totally different bands from two totally different style. Their interactions have been a bit of unorthodox. However, they every stay rock music legends.

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