Rabies awareness seminar at Sahiwal Medical College

by Jeremy Spirogis
Rabies awareness seminar at Sahiwal Medical College

Sahiwal (Sahiwal Tv – December 3, 2019 – Aqeel Ashfaq) Principal Sahiwal Medical College Professor Dr. Zahid Kamal has said that “Rabidity” is a deadly disease transmitted from a rabies-infected dog to a human being. About 55,000 people suffer from this deadly disease every year worldwide.

He said this while addressing an awareness seminar held on the subject of Rabies. “Public awareness is the only solution to preventing and protecting from the disease,” he said.

At the seminar, the faculty members of Sahiwal Medical College, Dr. Nisar Ahmed, Dr. Zahid Sattar, Dr. Amina Arooj, Dr. Waqas Qureshi, Dr. Akhtar Mahboob, Assistant Director Local Government Anosh Daniel and students participated in large numbers.

Dr. Osama said that children must vaccinate their pets and do not use crackers if they are bitten by a stray dog. Leave the wound open and wash the wound thoroughly for 10-15 minutes with running water with soap but do not tighten the bandage.

Dr. Hassam from the Department of Community Medicine said, “Timely injection of the vaccine should be the only preventive solution. Remember that if the effects of this infection are noticeable in the body, then the disease cannot be cured and death is sure. Therefore, the vaccine is the only prevention solution.

Assistant Professor Pathology Dr. Amana Urooj discussed the transmission and prevention of the rabies virus in the human body. On the occasion, Dr Waqas Qureshi said that the rabies virus in dog’s saliva is dangerous for human beings and after the dog’s bite human beings die if the vaccine is not available.

Principal Sahiwal Medical College Professor Dr. Zahid Kamal said that Sahiwal Medical College has always kept the public awareness programs in mind and soon a comprehensive awareness program will be set up for rabies awareness in various schools and colleges of Sahiwal division.

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