Raveena Tandon defends Kanika Kapoor after her celebration images goes viral: I don't assume it was intentional

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Raveena Tandon talks about coronavirus and significance of taking precautions& 

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is a self-confessed germophobe and at instances like these, when a lethal virus is killing 1000’s, being a germophobe generally is a blessing in disguise. The actress not too long ago joined Zoom TV for a dwell Instagram chat the place she spoke concerning the video wherein she is seen cleansing the practice’s coach and why it is necessary for everybody to take precautions till the issues get again to regular. Moreover, she additionally spoke about Kanika Kapoor’s celebration images surfacing on-line after.

When the actress was requested about her views on Kanika Kapoor travelling whereas being contaminated with the virus, the actress stated, “I do feel ki jisse bhi aise chiz hoti hai voh intentional nhi hota. I don’t think that she did it intentionally or she knew, in the first place. But I would advise people to be careful and safe. And take precautions. Also, I want to know why such huge gatherings are taking place when they know about coronavirus. It’s very necessary that we take precautions and think about others. “

Speaking of the video wherein she was seen disinfecting the practice, she stated, “Several actors are shooting right now. I saw Sara Ali Khan and Virat Kohli coming out of airports while taking precautions and wearings masks. We went almost a week and a half ago. When things were not that serious, but it’s getting serious now. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry. I felt safer travelling by train. It was a one day shoot so I agreed. And flights were getting cancelled and airports were crowded. But with the train, we had taken several precautions. However, it’s equally dangerous to travel by airport or train.” 

“Which is why we ourselves sanitised everything and thoroughly cleaned the place. And we even threw the gloves away. It was very necessary to take the right precautions. There were only 6-7 people and we kept a lot of distance. Even I denied interviews as they wanted to come home but I don’t want anyone to get infected.”

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