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by Jeremy Spirogis
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Today we’re going to let you know the recipe of salted salt made from oats, which aren’t solely wholesome but in addition tasty and crispy within the meal than the salted salt.

And better of all, these saltparts could be saved and eaten for a number of days. And it is extremely straightforward to make it at dwelling. So what’s the delay, tell us about its straightforward recipe with us.

Material required:

Flour – 30 grams
Oats Powder – 20 grams
Refined oil-5 ml
Water – as required
Salt – as per style
Celery – little bit

Method of preparation: To make oats saltparts, first combine roasted oats powder and flour properly in a bowl. <! –

                 After this, add oil, salt and celery. Then add water to it and knead the combination properly. Leave the dough like this for a while, then make a roll of dough made of dough and make it flat. After this, lower it into the form of saltpeter.

You can lower it into any form you want. Then grease the baking tray calmly and preserve the sliced ​​items in it. The tray needs to be greased in order that the chopped saltpeter doesn’t stick. After this, fry them for 5-10 minutes. Your Tasty, Crispy and Healthy Saltpara is prepared. After cooling down, you may retailer it and preserve it.

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