Responding actress Kajol said this big thing

by Patricia Lin
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Well known actor of Hindi cinema, Ajay Devgan, you all know that he is positive about his daughter Nyasa. This is the reason that if it comes to getting advice on boyfriend or love, then she will go to mother Kajol, because Ajay will 'stand with a shotgun' on the boyfriend. These things were shared by the actress herself in an interview. <! –


Kajol, who was involved in the promotion of the film 'Tanaji: The Unsung Warrior', was asked during an interview that whom would Nyasa and Yuga go to if they wanted advice on love and relationship? Responding to this, actress Kajol said that she was sure that Nyasa would come to her, as Ajay is the kind of person who would 'stand up with a shotgun' by showing a protective nature as soon as he heard about his boyfriend. The actress also said that if son Yug had to take advice, he would definitely go to the father because he considers Ajay too cool.

Apart from this, actress Kajol told that Ajay is considered a quiet person but when it comes to children, they change. He said that if Ajay's bus goes, then he can get involved in everything of children and everything related to them can be kept track. Apart from this, she said herself that she does not believe in controlling children. She said that there is a limit which she never crosses.

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