‘RHOBH’: Garcelle Beauvais Says Erika Jayne Surprised Her the Most This Season

by Jeremy Spirogis
Garcelle Beauvais from

Garcelle Beauvais from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just lately shared that forming a reference to Erika Jayne (Girardi) is without doubt one of the many surprises for her this season.

She stated that not solely did they’ve an actual connection, however additionally they saved in contact after filming wrapped. “Erika surprised me in a lot of ways,” she stated on Reality Life with Kate Casey. “Watching the show, she’s this tough exterior. Some people call her cold. I just think she has her defenses up or walls up.”

Garcelle Beauvais from 'RHOBH'
Garcelle Beauvais | Leon Bennett/Getty Images for ESSENCE

“But what surprised me with her, is that she’s so vulnerable now,” Beauvais revealed. “I felt like when her and I had breakfast that day and she talked about Tom and how he sort of took her and her son in, because she was a single mom. And that I could relate to because when you’re a single parent, you want whoever to come into your life to embrace your kids as much as they embrace you.”

They had an ‘immediate connection’

“I connected to that,” Beauvais stated. “And the fact she got so emotional too. I was like, ‘Wow! That’s really cool to see!’ So I really enjoyed that.”

Host Kate Casey shared that she too considered the second as being genuine. “It was a definite, immediate connection,” Beauvais stated. “Woman to woman. It was really, really nice.”

But what actually stunned her about doing the present?

Some surprises she encountered embrace getting used to being within the non-scripted tv area. Beauvais insists the present is actual and the one time producers “set up” any scenes is to movie lunches or encounters with different solid members.

She additionally stated coping with reactions on social media is new for her. Unlike her scripted work, she’s now seeing individuals lash out at her personally on social media, which took some getting used to at first.

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“Really how social media takes over,” she says. “Lisa Rinna had told me, she goes, ‘It’s one thing to shoot the show. It’s another thing to watch the show.’ Because then you get to see what the women have been saying behind your back because we only get the episodes two days before you guys see it.”

Beauvais dished in regards to the massive ‘threesome’ second too

But then when social media lights up, it turns into a wholly totally different animal. “And then [Rinna] goes, ‘The world weighs in.’ So there are so many different layers to being on the show, which I’m finding to be really interesting. ”

She touched on the second the place Denise Richards’ daughters had been current throughout a dialog the ladies had about threesomes. “First of all, the kids weren’t that close,” Beauvais says, including that she thinks the general public made a much bigger deal about it than it actually was. “They just looked like they were super close to us. I’m surprised that the women felt like she was being a hypocrite because she’s free with her sexuality and she was married to Charlie Sheen. We all get that one, right?”

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“But at the same time, you don’t have the same conversations you have when your kids are around and you’re talking to your girlfriend,” she stated. “To me, that’s just like so clear. That I didn’t’ know why everyone was making such a big deal about it.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns on July eight at 9/8c on Bravo.

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