‘RHOD’ Star Brandi Redmond Responds to Video of Her Mocking Asians

by Jeremy Spirogis
Brandi Redmond

After allegations of racism encircled LeeAnne Locken during Season 4 of Real Housewives of Dallas, a video clip of Brandi Redmond mocking Asians has resurfaced.

She taken care of immediately the backlash by apologizing and insisting, “it was a good impression.”

Brandi Redmond
Brandi Redmond | Charles Sykes

Brandi Redmond on ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’

The previous Dallas Cowboys cheerleader features starred in Real Housewives of Dallas since the very first season in 2016. While a tremendously close friend to Stephanie Hollman, she’s got always had difficulties with Kameron Westcott as a result of her crude love of life.

However, viewers enjoy seeing Redmond as she really loves playing pranks on the other side females. After having a baby to two women, after which failing woefully to have a 3rd youngster, the cheerleader along with her household chose to follow a child guy, Bruin.

During Season 4, Bruin’s mama became expecting once again, and Redmond contemplated ingesting that youngster too.

History of allegations of racism on ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’

Kary Brittingham and LeeAnne Locken nearly straight away got down in the wrong-foot, beginning with their particular cast visit to Careyes, Mexico. It eventually reached a boiling-point as soon as the females visited Thailand, and D’Andra Simmons, followed closely by Brittingham, arrived at dinner with Simmons using Locken’s Infinity Dress.

During the dinner, both females criticized the gown nonstop, moaning they couldn’t figure it just how to use it, and even though Locken boasts it could be used over 100 other ways.

Their continual complaints triggered the 52-year-old to storm from the restaurant, with Stephanie Hollman after her. Locken angrily explained her frustrations aided by the two to Hollman, and referenced Brittingham whilst the “Mexican.”

She proceeded to create up Brittingham’s ethnicity and mock her to Kameron Westcott, which would not correct her because she wished every person to savor the travel.

However, she informed Brittingham exactly what Locken stated, which induce a conflict between your females at Redmond’s celebration. After lying about making the feedback to begin with, she finally had as much as all of them but denied they certainly were racist remarks.

Locken also refused the thought of being racist because she’s “slept with plenty of Mexicans” and “sat in Julio Iglesias’ lap.” Fans then began an on-line petition to get rid of the 52-year-old through the tv show as a result of her unpleasant feedback.

Racist video clip featuring ‘RHOD’ Brandi Redmond resurfaced

During the Season 4 reunion, Locken referenced her wedding planner, Steve Kemble, many times whilst the various other females critiqued the function. In other areas regarding the reunion, they, including Redmond, will also question her over her racist remarks.

Almost immediately after Part 1 broadcast, Kemble posted a video of Redmond on Twitter where she impersonates an Asian along with her kiddies into the history. He demanded she apologizes to Locken or will get the racist label too.

In the video clip, Redmond is within the automobile along with her bangs disseminate over her mind, saying, “Oh, everybody ask me what Asian I am because my eyes, they squinty. But I have a new hair-do.” She utilized a high-pitch accent in broken English, apparently mocking Asians.

The cheerleader clarified and stated she made the video clip three-years ago as a result to Simmons phoning her eyes squinty. A person requested if she had been “making fun of Asians,” while the cheerleader responded, “There is a difference between making fun of yourself vs. others or talking s**t.”

She also insisted she “impersonates people for laughter, not pain.” Redmond apologized a number of followers which voiced their particular dissatisfaction, guaranteeing it had been maybe not her “intention” to harm anybody.

The cheerleader then became enraged aided by the critique, and stated Locken “must be obsessed with me to save a story that I posted 3 years ago.” Additionally, she informed another follower it had been “a good impression if I do say so myself, and there was no harm done. I would do it again for a damn good audition. Have a great day.”

After going down on some more supporters, she apologized once again and reported “that video was taken out of context without the back story.” The allegations against Redmond can get dealt with on Season 5 if Bravo chooses to renew the team.

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