‘RHONJ’: Jackie Goldschneider Went to Speech Therapy Because Fans Made Fun of Her Lisp

by Jeremy Spirogis
Jackie Goldschneider at a

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider has dealt along with her fair proportion of haters, as each actuality TV star does. She says, after her first season of showing on RHONJ, one of the frequent feedback she acquired from followers was that she wanted to repair her lisp. She acquired so many feedback like that that, in the future, she determined to do it.

Jackie Goldschneider at a 'Bombshell' screening in New York
Jackie Goldschneider | Jason Mendez/WireImage

“People forget that you’re just a human being. Like, when you’re not on camera you’re at home with your family. You open up Instagram and it’s like, ‘You look like a pig. What’s wrong with your eyebrows? And you have a lisp!’” Jackie stated in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on July 22.

Every day ‘RHONJ’ followers would inform Jackie Goldschneider she ought to ‘fix [her] lisp’

Jackie says she acquired feedback about her lisp each single day.

“I got the lisp thing all the time first season. Holy sh*t, Domenick, when I tell you every single day I would get like 50 people telling me to fix my lisp. So much so–and I never revealed this–after my first season, I went for speech therapy. And I didn’t tell anyone,” she stated.

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After 4 periods, Jackie lastly instructed her husband that she was going to speech remedy. He instructed her she ought to cease going.

“He was like, ‘Stop it right now. Cancel it. You’re not doing this anymore. You do not have a lisp. Stop it.’ So I canceled my lessons and I stopped. But [fan comments] really can f*ck with you,” she stated.  

Jackie says she believes she nonetheless has “a little, tiny, like, thing. I don’t know. But, listen, I’m not Dorinda. But I have a little thing.”

Jackie Goldschneider talks in regards to the cosmetic surgery she’s had achieved

Nati additionally requested Jackie in regards to the work she’s had achieved.

“On my body, after I had my second set of twins, I had what’s called a diastasis, where my stomach muscles are torn apart and it looked like I was pregnant. It looked like I was pregnant six months after I was pregnant all the time. So I had a tummy tuck to repair that and I had boobs put in while I did that. Because I did breastfeed all four of my children,” she stated. “Other than that, I haven’t had any plastic surgery.”

Additionally, although, Jackie says she does “get Botox” and “a tiny bit of filler–I got it in my lips.”

“Everything else is really just mine,” she stated.  

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The radio host requested at what age Jackie would let her daughter, who’s at present 9, get cosmetic surgery.

“I mean, if she had a horrendous nose then I would let her get it at, you know, 13 years old, 14 years old. I would let her get it. I mean, why make her feel bad about herself? But, right now, she doesn’t have anything that I would probably allow her to fix until she’s graduated high school. I don’t think she needs anything. But if she had a body part that really needed fixing I would let her do it,” she stated.

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