Robert Pattinson’s ‘Chameleon’ Acting Style Is Why Matt Reeves Picked Him for Batman

by Jeremy Spirogis
Robert Pattinson at the GO Campaign Gala 2019 on Nov. 16, 2019.

When Robert Pattinson was forged as Batman in May, there was loads of skepticism. This, presumably, got here from individuals who solely know him for his function as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga. But Pattinson has such a hefty resume of movies, and he’s performed all kinds of roles. He went the indie film route post-Twilight, however he’s constantly put out excellent performances. And his capability to morph into a job so properly is what makes him an incredible Bruce Wayne. 

Robert Pattinson at the GO Campaign Gala 2019 on Nov. 16, 2019.
Robert Pattinson on the GO Campaign Gala 2019 on Nov. 16, 2019 | Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for GO Campaign

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Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is a reasonably new Batman on this film

Quite a lot of new info and pictures had been launched throughout The Batman panel at DC FanDome on Aug. 22. Director Matt Reeves shared that regardless that Batman is a personality that has been completed extra occasions than loads of different superheroes, this model can be its personal. 

For one, this isn’t an origin story. So there’s not going to be a ton of emphasis on how his mother and father died and every thing else that goes with turning into Batman. But this Bruce Wayne continues to be to start with phases of his Batman story. 

“One of the things that I think is interesting is learning how to be Batman,” Reeves stated. “The whole idea is that this is all an experiment in the movie… It’s the Gotham experiment. It’s a criminological experiment; trying to figure out sort of what he can do that can finally change this place.”

Reeves stated that Bruce Wayne’s costume can be pretty new and selfmade and he’s not likely “having any of the effects that he wants to have yet” as Batman. That’s the place this film begins off. 

Matt Reeves referred to as Pattinson a ‘chameleon’

As said earlier than, the information of Pattinson as Batman took some without warning and made others indignant. But Pattinson’s work has confirmed he can play Bruce Wayne, and the trailer was a real testomony to that. And that’s why Reeves forged him within the first place. 

“A friend of mine made a film referred to as Lost City of Z and Rob appeared in that film,” Reeves stated. “He had simply such charisma. And Rob within the film has this unbelievable beard. And you’re like, ‘Who is that?’ And it’s Rob. And Rob in The Rover and Rob in Good Time. He is sort of a chameleon. And he’s so he’s simply such a gifted actor. And he’s been engaged on his craft on this actually unbelievable means.”

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Right earlier than filming The Batman, Pattinson’s 2019 was reasonably busy and profitable. He starred in The Lighthouse and High Life, two very summary and transferring indie movies. And then he took on the eccentric function as The Dauphin in The King. Pattinson is so vastly totally different in these three roles that Reeves’ remark about being a chameleon is 100 p.c spot on. 

Pattinson is a ‘passionate’ Batman fan

In addition to being an incredible actor, Reeves additionally famous that Pattinson was a fan of Batman, similar to the director himself. 

“[Pattinson] also happens to be a tremendous, passionate sort of fan of Batman the way that I am,” Reeves stated. “And so it was this… incredible thing to be able to connect with him and to share our excitement about the character and to work with him.” 

When Pattinson launched the panel, he stated he was a fan of the Caped Crusader, which looks like the primary job requirement for such a job. 

“Now I’m very anxious to get back to work and continue to form this beloved character,” Pattinson stated, referring to the stalled manufacturing as a result of COVID-19 shutdowns. “I’ve always been a massive fan.”

Reeves mainly couldn’t say higher issues about Pattinson and the film generally. The enthusiasm he has is tangible and hints at a extremely spectacular DC movie. 

“I mean, you know, [Pattinson] looks like Batman, but more than anything, he has the soul of someone I think that can play a Batman like you’ve never seen before.”

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