Salman bhai, what number of women maybe you have enjoyed yourself, the tweet produced a great deal of ruckus!

by Jeremy Spirogis
Salman bhai, how many girls have you played with your life, the tweet created a lot of ruckus!

Bigg Boss 13 is observed offering TRP to all the the participants of the home this time around. At the same time frame, away from tv show, this tv show is extremely hefty on Salman Khan.

Salman Khan is wholly in charge of their week-end Ka Vaar event. Where he’s seen flirting aided by the participants often times.

Salman Khan raised numerous questions regarding the connection of Paras Chhabra and Akanksha in the past weekend's war. Paras held their side for the time being. But he had been aggravated at their behavior and reprimanded Paras. But meanwhile, Kamal R Khan has highly questioned Salman's decision. Once once again, he’s targeted Bigg Boss 13 and Salman Khan. <! –


Salman informed to Paras and Arhan: – Tum Ladki Ki Zindagi Se Khel Rahe ho! Lol! Bhai Aap Kitni Ladkiyon Ki Zindagi Se khele Ho! # BB13

– KRK (@kamaalrkhan) January 20, 2020

Salman Khan
How many girls maybe you have played

Kamal roentgen Khan has written about Salman Khan while tweeting that Salman has actually informed Paras and Arhaan that you’re having fun with the life span of a lady. Brother, you have got enjoyed the everyday lives of numerous women.

Big supervisor 13
So does Siddharth Shukla

Along using this, Kamal roentgen Khan in addition has questioned that after you reprimanded Paras for saying bad terms about Shahnaz's dad, will Siddharth Shukla be required saying bad terms about Aseem's dad.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan agar arhan khan's insult nationwide television

Earlier, connecting Bigg Boss 13 with Salman and Arhan Khan, Kamal roentgen Khan penned it is disgusting if Salman Khan is insulting Arhan Khan on National television. In addition hate Arhaan.

Salman Khan
Ended the profession.

Kamal stated that Salman might have informed this thing also to Rashmi alone. Today Salman Khan finished Arhan's career. This is extremely bad. Now Salman Khan has to spell out a lot of things.

Salman Khan
Only rickshaws and hookers

KRK has described Dabangg's track and truck as trash. He has actually stated that only rickshaws and some is certainly going to see this movie. It happens to be offered ahead of the launch of this current year's flop film agreement.

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