Saltpacks made from oats are delicious, the meal

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Today, we will let you know the meal of salted sodium made from oats, that aren’t just healthier but additionally delicious and crispy within the dinner, a lot more than the salted sodium. And best component is these saltparts is saved and consumed for many times. And it is extremely an easy task to make it in the home. So understanding the wait, write to us about its easy meal with us.

Material required:

Flour – 30 grms
Oats Powder – 20 grms
Refined oil-5 ml
Water – as required
Salt – depending on taste
Celery – tiny bit

recipe:To make Oats Saltpare, very first combine roasted oats dust and flour really in a dish. <! –

                 After this, combine oil, sodium and celery with it. Then add water to it and knead the blend really. Leave the bread similar to this for a while, then make the bread as a dough and make it level. After this, slashed it to the model of saltpeter.

If you need, you’ll reduce it in just about any measurements of your decision. Then oil the cooking tray gently and keep carefully the sliced up ​​pieces with it. The tray needs to be greased so the sliced saltpads don’t stick. After this, fry all of them for 5-10 moments. Your Tasty, Crispy and Healthy Saltpara is prepared. After trying to cool off, you’ll shop it and keep it.

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